Spanish Kits 2023 by elbibisaurio


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Granada Home


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I have added minikits to GK Betis,Oviedo's minikits,Mirandés minikits and Granada GK.I'll tell you all the changes that I make, for you update it
I havent shared the minikits yet , i have only shared the kits in rx3 , if anybody needs the minikits i will upload an AIO of that too


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Hello friends! I have good news. I've been working on LaLiga scoreboard and Tv Logos these days. I'm gonna shared it in this post and If you want some TV Logo request tell me that.

About spanish kits, We know this weekend La Liga started then I'll update the kits and fix errors because i have more information. News come soon friends!

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Does it works on fifa 14??
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