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Nigeria U-17 Captain Fortune Chukwudi Is 25 - Former Nigeria International Adokiye Amiesimaka
The captain of Nigeria's U17 team is 'about 25 years old' and has no business playing at the current FIFA U17 World Cup, according to a former Nigeria international...
Nov 5, 2009 3:25:43 PM Former Nigerian international Adokiye Amiesimaka, now a lawyer, has used his column in a national newspaper to voice his concerns over Nigeria under-17 captain Fortune Chukwudi, who he claims to be at least nine years older than the player says he is.

"In the 2002-03 season, I was chairman of Sharks Football Club of Port Harcourt," Adokiye wrote in The Punch. "I decided to have a feeder team of fresh school leavers not older than 20 years.""As the feeder team concept was relatively new and because I had my own ideas about how a team at that level should be handled, I also doubled as its coach.

"One of my key players then is the current captain of our so-called U17 Golden Eaglets. By his own admission at that time, that is seven years ago, he was 18 years old."

The revelations come as a blow to tournament organisers, who introduced MRI tests specifically to weed out age cheats at this year's edition in Nigeria.

"MRI or not, his football history is common knowledge. I really wonder whether the MRI test was done on each and every one of the players. If, indeed, a thorough exercise was conducted, then FIFA must review the procedure."


I'm sick of this bs with all the African teams doing this sh!t. Fifa needs to start suspending these federations who keep pulling this stunt. I consider this "cheating", and it's in the same category as doping IMO.


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So this (cases) can be the reason that African teams are better in junior competitions (ex U-17 or U-20) than senior competitions?

While seeing the junior competitions, I've saw many African players which looked so old and thought maybe they are really old.

I think these situations come from intentional purposes or the situation of parents reporting their child's birth late. (Because they are quite poor so that may happen.)

Well, these situations should be considered seriously and needs suspension though.