Stadium Requests Thread


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I did that stadium a few months ago for a private request. Here are the Blender renders of the stadium. Who is interested in converting it?

I would kiss your feet if i could. I see my place where I spend my Friday evenings. So amazing. Like Christmas.
Now I need to finish my overlays for Austrian lower league and can start a career with First Vienna.
Oh and take your time guys, I was never counting on this stadium in any of my dreams


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Thanks for your gracious comments guys

panin, I will prepare the stadium in a few days. Here it is extremely hot nowadays so I can not even concentrate on what I do now. Cheers.
take your time my friend..i have something in work right now and i will take your stadium after that


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Is there a possibility that we might get the Estádio da Luz, and the other stadiums added to FIFA 22 this year?


Stadium makers, stadium editors, is it ossible to replace a stadium pitch in blender?
Many Switch stadium have poor pitch lightnings and I would bet it has something to do with the Switch pitch.