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Hammer Fan of the Old Vintage Side

The first hammers game I saw was the FA Cup Final against Preston North End, this when John Sissons was the youngest to play in a final. Also a very young Howard Kendall played PNE. West Ham were in there heyday, with Bobby Moore still imperious in defence. I am not a supporter of one particular side, I just appreciate good football, but disagree with teams that buy success. I.E. Chelsea Man City. I prefer teams with long tradition and good values and West Ham fits the bill.
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Do NOT give me Upton Park stadium.
Sido, what news of Upton Park for FIFA 12 and FIFA 13?

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barrie53;3321319 said:
I Think Sido is Monkey Dragon in disguise, both make promises to upload but never do. Upton Park will be demolished before Sido releases it and nice big mosque will be in it's place.

Patience mate, he´s doing all this for free, he doesn´t owe us nothing. Take all the time you need Sido and cheers!(Y)


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hi all fifa modders, I dont know this thread is still active sorry for that if not, anyway Im 'sxsxsx' (Suat CAGDAS) from evo-web who made simple exporter tool for blender, so i dont have fifa and not interesting exactly but i saw some small problems with the exporter script and i want some help you about blender exporter tool, let's talk about small but important problems...

1- main problem is tool auto-exports file into C:\ root directory but new Windows series does NOT allow create file in C:\ root directory because of high security level

2- Tool needs 2 UVmap layers for every object before exporting, 1st layer is base uvmap, 2nd is lightmap uvmap

3- Tool works with only Blender 2.58a (you can get download it from below links)

4- (pic1) I've small updated exporter tool, you have to choose 'Export Path' (yellow folder icon) before exporting the model, dont forget to always uncheck 'Relative Path' (pic2) from left panel when selecting export path

5- If you get any '[ErrorNo 13] Permission denied' warning message (pic3) , change the export path different, sometimes Windows does NOT allow file creating for some folder because of high security level

6- Download Blender from here ---> blender 2.58a-64bit --- blender 2.58a-32bit

7- Download Exporter Tool Small Updated Version ---> (install it again or replace it with old one in ...\2.58\scripts\addons\)

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Suat CAGDAS 'sxsxsx'

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foxmulderx;3545294 said:
Please. How can i use correctly this section of the program to edit the ilumination of the crowd? I have troubles in the nigth and day.
And what is the box i marked in red for. Thanks

The box shows u how the illumination will be looks ingame, well to use the right settings, u must play a bit with the buttons, but before you use this u should change the value button in the Shadows section :)