Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM


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Please come to me this stadium, I'm still under FIFA 16 will alter, and lights and the crowd will do. And you can do St. Petersburg arena


fantastic ! I ask him if he can not make a version without the fifa world cup banners because that is how the stadiums are for the teams.


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4 fantastic brazilean stadiums version to convert:

BRA - Allianz Parque, Palmeiras (Fifa 16 version)

Arena do gremio and Arena Independencia (Fifa 16 version) (Pes 2017 version)
Arena Independencia:

Arena Independencia (Pes 2017 version)

Sao Januario, Vasco Da Gama, Brasil (Fifa 16 version)

Credits to Fernold2k (Fernando Nascimento)

Se puder converte Allianz Parque e São Januario


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Small thing, the flags are different IRL, instead of the Handshake for Peace flag this World Cup uses the Living Football flag.