Starting-up Problem

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My game won't start for some reason. It happened once, it just wouldn't start, no matter what I did, I re-installed, I deleted stuff from my PC in case it was any memory thing, I restarted and shut down the PC dozens of times, I clicked the icon on the desktop, start menu, and everywhere it can possibly be found, and it just wouldn't start, if I clicked it A LOT, a pop saying that the game is already running would appear, although the game didn't start running. Since the game normally takes a couple of seconds to start, I tried to click it normally and leave it alone, it still wouldn't start, for 30 minutes. Then, for no reason, it did let me play, then the problem came back, and only after about a week did it let me play again. Now the problem is back, can anyone help me with this? It's extremely annoying, since it seems to be random.


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Starting up Problem

Yeap.... it just dies. If I start it again and accelerate it works fine. If after a couple of minutes I turn it off and turn it on again it works fine without a problem. So it seems to be only a problem the first time you start it during the day.

Weird, right?

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