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Alright, a bit of a success story here.

Usually I like to focus on the financial aspect of the game, managing the money, getting good deals on transfers and the like, so I just download a tactic and work from there.

This time around I decided to try making my own tactic, so I made a 4-1-3-1. Playing as Man Utd, I acquired Hargreavs and my line up is


Neville Ferdinand Vidic/Heinze Evra


Ronaldo Scholes Giggs/Ji Sung Park

Rooney Saha

I also have Carrick go in for Scholes if we are winning comfortably, just to slow thing down.

The thing is, usually I win a lot of games with the downloaded tactic. I'm winning with my own! In second place on a 10 game win streak (behind Chelsea, this is with FM Weegie update so they have an amazing squad), I have let in 7 goals and scored 33.

It feels so great to have MY tactic working so well for me. Some highlights include MANY 4-0 slaughters against Liverpool, Man City, Newcastle, Blackburn, Wigan, and Middlesbrough.

Any one else have success stories?


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my greatest success story was bringing a romanian team (Olimpia SM) from 2nd division to first and winning the league then moving to Genoa, taking them from 2nd division and winning seria a.


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What, never done something as good?

I guess taking a 4th division side to winning the CL would be considered better.

I started unemployed BTW.


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Well now that we're at it here's my success story with Everton: 5 league titles, 4 CL's, 3 Club WC's, 3 FA Cups, 3 Community Shields, 3 European super cups and one League Cup in five seasons.


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Well I mostly play my youngsters there, they even won it once as you can see. But maybe I should've played the league cup more seriously because than I could've got the quadruple once. :D


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How about winning championships all over the world? I have done so with a French, German, Italian, Spanish, English and other clubs.
In FM06
- Club World Championship with Sydney FC (on a 2.something million euro Salary cap), putting 3-5 goals past both Boca and Bremen
- Team from German regional division up to UEFA Cup (lack of crowds -> big losses -> cant afford better players -> tough to take the step up to winning the league/getting CL)


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