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Youth Team
Hi guys, what I'm about to tell you is very very strange ... :crazyface:

I'm continuing my documentation and study to the strings of code of Fifa, the other day I came across an old discussion on another site in 2011, here was a list of strings that I was referring to fifa 12, well, I wanted to try to put them in fifa 16 and with my big surprise not they only worked, but the gameplay was amazing! :wootman:

I tried to change them, after several tests I do not know why but I could not change the gp, I tried to take the cl and put it another, nothing, the gameplay was that! Even playing without cl, do not reset the parameters! :f***:

Now I do not know what to do, on the one hand, I'm doing the most fun and funny games since I'm playing at fifa, on the other, I can not make any modifications to perfect it! :crazyface:

I would be curious to know your opinion, let me know if you have my own feelings ... ;)

Supernova Gp Modern Soccer Version (I gave him this name because the game is faster and remembers modern games, but is incredible funny!)


Reserve Team
What do you mean by funny changes? What happens as I don't want to change the cl if it's permanent and not to taste

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Youth Team
The cl is not permanent, I have a problem because I've made so many changes with editing! I had just happened another time but it was enough to upload another database to get back ok! ;)
This cl changes ball physics and creates new situations in gameplay, I've also seen new animations that were not in the others cl!
Fifa 16 is also a big mystery from this point of view, in my opinion still has much to give ..


Youth Team
Guys this is only a test,there are some mistakes in the cl that I uploaded,You can avoid downloading it or try it but it will not give the results I had with the modified db!

I'm sorry.. :(


Youth Team
After 49 years the SPAL FERRARA returns to series A !!!!! :33vff3o::33vff3o::33vff3o:

Dekooo next year we fight together my friend! :-)