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i m tested your
your gameplay is exelent ! yet I already like the original gameplay fifa16
I can not test with the db, I do not play modingway patch exept euro 2016.
the tables in the db are important?
anyway, very good job.(Y)


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Great job.Great gameplay. I have a off topic question if there is someone to help me.How to get job offer from teams in the lower division?? Exemple:I am manager of Everton and i want to have job offer from Galatasaray.Thank you.


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@Supernova , thank you for the assistance and taking the time out to help. I actually had settings that you suggested in the cmsettings file. I made the minor tweaks to get the exact numbers you listed. There is an improvement for sure. GK still only has about 50% stamina before a game though.

I'm not actually sure it's stamina but something to do with it maybe. If you sim a few games in a career and then check statics on teams pages. There is multiple GK's used by certain AI teams and even the backup GK will have more games than the current starter- GK with better overall.

I tried the ini without the db changes but the changes you made there made a real impact which I enjoyed. I see that GK's have a stamina of 1? is this meant to be? I'm guessing that's the root of the issue but again, not a 100% sure. Very much looking forward to your ini file and db file focused on career for fifa 16. Thank you.


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Chris yes, the edited database is very important for obtain more fouls, contrast and cpu dribbling! ;)
I tried to differentiate the players in proportion, which I could not do only with the cl ..

R88 sorry but I can not help you :(


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if you improve even more this gameplay you can give it to sack to fifa 17 and 18

I think there is still margin for improvement, the problem is the time available to work ...
I have new ideas to try with Kenny (matrix db) when the new moddingway patch with the winter market comes out ...;)


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I'm going to bother you.
the problem of the penalties does not come especially from the referee. I do not know if it happens only for me.
it happens all over with fast attacker (nemar, mbappe, rantie tokelo ......)
Defenders once eliminated in the area of repair.Always make a gesture of desperation.
either, he stretches his leg.
either, he melts a tackle from behind
which is silly because the penalty has 100 percent.
I can have, at times 1 or 2 penalties per game.

I find his lines in your cl.ini
BadTackle = 8
BadSlideTackle = 100.0
BadStandTeckle = 100.0

are there other lines for example
precision tackle or goodtackle have defenders, more just
and that will not break your gameplay ?


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Thank you @supernova, the stamina change works great and there are no more issues in career in seems. db and ini play best it ever has. i've tried many variations. do you suggest any changes to line hieght or marking etc in settings? regards

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I would love to test your gameplay but it's impossible to find FIFA 16 version 1.01. I searched over the internet but noch chance. Any advices?


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I hope to explain clearly. can you make it so that the game ends on season 10? The thing is that players cease to be real and young fantasy players arise and the game becomes not interesting. most throw on the 10 season, does not allow excitement, so if the game itself ended automatically ... I hope you understood my idea


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Hey Supernova

Firstly I have tried lot's of the gameplay mods and yours is by far the best. A massive thanks from me you have made the game feel fresh again.

A question the changes made to the player's attributes (balance - 1 etc) how important are they to the gameplay? And how have they changed it?
I notice a lot of the attributes are the ones that are more for the CPU like Interceptions.

Thanks again!


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Thanks for the compliments David! This makes me want to keep improving it ... ;)

The attributes are very important, the balance is crucial to have more falls as in reality and to see whistled more fouls (higher values of aggression, values of strength amplified, instead of for example 62 and 65 I widened the gap to 60 and 70, to amplify the differences in the collision!).

I did a lot of tests in the database to find then in the field, the same feelings that you have watching a game on TV!

The next step on which I have to work (but it's really complicated) are the traits of the various players, to make them even more similar to the real ones.

I made a new GP, still improved but I will not publish, for various reasons ....


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my friend
I think I have found for penalty.
it does not come from your I apologize for bothering you.
let me explain
I had import my compdata and db me on the latest update ea
as in compdata my match importance are set to 100 (for activate long intro fancard)
with your patch goes up players aggression too high.
which was strange, I returned to the update 1.5 of December 2015.
and the importance match always settle on 100 with your mods all goes well.
update december 20152 penalties in 15 games, fabulous.:dance:
and with the latest update 2 penalty per game.:\
so thank you again for your work, now all are well for me with your gameplay