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D Tom

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How do I go about raising the goals per game average for CPU's games? Almost all fixtures besides mine end up 2-1 and 1-0. I want Barca to thrash people 5-0 sometimes like they do in real life... What line in the simsettings would do that? I see the "Score" section but I don't get what I have to do to raise the goals... Any help is appreciated


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Sorry for the delay guys! I Had serious problems in real life, but now solved! :)
Next week I will be on vacation so I will be able at last to share my work with you, see you soon! ;)


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I even changed the cl by loading another version, I do not understand why when I order all the strings seems to lose the changes, EA is driving me crazy, I also noticed that with too many strings the game we do not understand anything ...:swear2::swear2:


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I'm glad you guys like it, unfortunately between work and the birth of a son, I have a few moments to work on it, when I get back to having a few days to be completely dedicated to the game will try to finish the gp! ;)


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That are great news Supernova!
I am not a very good fifa player. I struggle to score goals sometimes on pro and the game ends 0:0. I hate 0:0, and thats only because I have trouble scoring. But I have no problems defending, so is there a chance to make the com offense better?
And how can I force the com defense to more defensive errors or marking mistakes? I have com marking on 25, but still I haven't scored a single goal from a corner in nearly 2 seasons, because the defenders never make any mistakes. Also it's a little bit unrealistic that the goalkeeper comes out nearly every corner and always gets it away.
Is there a chance to change it for myself?
Anyway I am excited for the new gameplay. Take your time.
And congratulations for the birth of your son! ;)


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Congratulations to your gameplay patch! Belongs to me to the very best gp patches ever for FIFA. Although it is almost perfect for my style of play and my settings, I eagerly await your final version. :)
The only downside: I have almost no more fouls from the CPU...
ps: I always only play in 'play now' mod. Tested your gpm in more than 15 games till now.


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I think the same...At the moment it's the best gameplay for fifa 16! Congrats,mate! :-) Grande SPAL!!!! :D