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This is my first post on this forum and my english isn't perfect so don't blame me for grammal errors. :)
I made a new league and a new team + 22 new player with creation centre, exported and saved the file.
Then I started the game and played a match with my team. Well...when I wanted to edit players in game I didn't find the league and I couldn't also use the team I made in manager mode.
I made tought that to succeed I have to put the team to an excisting league, so I added it to Swedish.
I couldn't still find my team from the lists. Can somebody help me? :boohoo:


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What you need to do is download Rinaldo's Tournament Master.

Once you load it select c:\program files\ea sports\fifa 06\data\cmn\fe\eng.db

that will load your Gui, then Edit and it will bring up this screen

From there you want to select the league you want to put them in in the upper left under "leagues in Gui"

go to "Teams available" type in part of the name of the team then hit down... if you type in Rangers and hit enter it will crash... hit an arrow key and let the program find it based on what you type... If it does crash do not select ignore or retry or w/e it is... you'll screw up your game for good.

Once you scroll down to the teams name u just hit "ADD TEAM"

They still won't be in manager mode cause there is no league or tournament with that team in it. You would have to either replace them with a team in the league or create a new tournament and add them into it.

Back up your database before you do anything!


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I tried the way you told and it's working! (I think)
Now I just have to find a way to edit the player's look with Creation centre.
I tought that I could edit it in the game, but it can't be made if the player is in a team. you know how can I change player's look so that I can see the results without opening the game?


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creation center will only show u some of the faces that are in the game... I believe it only shows you generic faces of players who are origionally in FIFA 06.

You have to find which ones they are and use those numbers. I made a list for black faces since i was doing a ton of african national teams... I need to make a list for asian and mid-eastern but havent yet... Keep hitting random appearance button until u see one you like is about the best info i can give ya.



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But there is still a problem. I don't want to get good faces, I want the faces to look like some faces of real people I know. Isn't there a way to edit players in the game? Can't I for example send player to creation or something?


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Obviously it won't look perfect if you are trying to get the PC to use generic faces to look like your friends in real life.

The other thing you need to know is that you CANNOT edit players in the game AND in the CC... it just doesnt work for whatever reason I dunno.

But i believe that the values that you would in theory use in edit player in fifa's menu are the same values refering to the same things (things being hair, facial hair, skin tone) etc.

Let me log on FIFA a sec and see if i can give you a better answer. I'll do my best to post again soon and finish the answer.


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Ok i was wrong i think.

i'm not sure how to achieve what you are looking for unless you wanted to have all of the faces actually made.

You may be able to find a list somewhere of what exactly the values stand for under the appearance section.

I do know that the only values that pertain to whether the player will have a minihead are

Face Type
Face Hair Style
Hair Color
Hair Type

You may have to do a lot of trial and error and just log into the game, find the player on the field and see what he looks like then keep a list of the values you put in and what they did.

I believe with kit raptor you can input the player's ID and see him fairly closeup wearing one of the kits, that may be a quicker way to go for you.

Again I cannot stress enough the importance of backing up your database before you edit anything though.

Sorry I can't be of any more help.


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Hi, Thanks for the reply!
There is some things that are not in the CC for example how the eyes are etc, but I will try the kit raptor.


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And what's the data base I should always backup? The whole DATA directory?
I uninstalled and reinstalled my Fifa 06 today because a data error, but I didn't loose anything because this is the 3rd day I have the game.