The Arsenal [2015|2016]


The Legend
Beat Singapore 4-0 to open the preseason but apparently looked lethargic at times. Chuba Akpom got a hat-trick.


Journalist: If you could play with any Arsenal legend who would you pick?

Chamberlain: Nicklas Bendtner

(H) (H) !!!


Oh and tits.
So, it seems like the Benzema links could be real though I'm not hopeful of it going through unless Real Madrid intend to make another big transer. There are rumours of Reus moving to RM.

WS looks set to go to Roma but don't know if its a loan or a permanent transfer. Couldn't give a shit either way since we have Cech and Ospina. Ospina is more deserving of the chance to stay and clearly is the better player.

Flamini is linked to Galatasaray but he has never moved unless as a free agent.

The squad is shaping up very nicely.


Oh and tits.
Which is not gonna happen. Even if City sell Kun to Real, they'd definitely want Benzema in return even if he's a level below Aguero since there's no replacement.

Wengas got pulling power and he can sell Benzema the idea of turning him into a total world beater.


Oh and tits.
Filipower;3838412 said:
Huh... What?

The sort of stuff he gave Ozil that made him think he can win the Balloon Door which is highly unlikely. He could give it to Benzema who already wants to win it but not going to happen playing Cristiano and Bale's decoy.........Never gonna happen, anyway but ya know...


Oh and tits.
Mandieta6;3838420 said:
Or you know, offered him cash and a starting spot and Ozil took it.

Its not that. I read an interview of Ozil where he said he thinks Wenger's gonna help him win the BD and he seems to have believed it for the way he's been coming across.

Which is a good thing, positive, but still kind of funny that he bought it.