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adidas f50 adizero FG Lukas Podolski personalisation

Here is my New Year's gift for you) Wish you all best things in 2014! Have a very happy New Year!


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rout;3594416 said:
It's the same thing as asking to let go Ronaldo or Messi on loan) the answer is obvious :)

Of course I know what you are saying, I had my templates taken many times as well (I made balls). I would use it only for myself, as I'm not making anything for others any more. If you do decide to change your mind, please leave me a pm. In any case, continue to do amazing stuff :)


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My italian friends, I need your help! There is one text cut on evopower Stampa bots, that I can't recognise. It starts with the header of Jose Mourinho's words: "Il tutor di Balotelli si divertirà da pazzi". That the only thing, that I found. If you can find or recognise the rest of the newspaper material, which starts with the words: "Balotelli, un talento..." I'll be very grateful.