THE BIGGEST CONCERT IN 2009 (you miss this, you will regret it!)


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Feburary 27, UTAH.

See you there.


Red Card - Life [Multiple Accounts]
Life Ban
im sorry icant travel till usa to see two nerds perform..
betetr i save money and spend it on a vacation with my wife


The Legend
It wasn't even in Salt Lake City. It was in Orem.

Good lord.

A little bit about Orem:

On July 6th, 2007 a 70-year-old widow named Betty Perry made news when she was cited by the police for a failure to water her lawn. According to Perry, she could not afford the water bill. She was subsequently arrested for actively resisting the police.

Sir Calumn

I'm seeing Skynyrd next month. Cant wait, finally a chance to wear my confederate flag in public.