The De Gea saga continues. What went wrong?


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Because there's so many versions of what happened, thought I'd open a thread to discuss this ongoing saga.

Real Madrid is blaming man U and man U is blaming Real Madrid.

This is what Real Madrid claim:

- United didn’t open any path of negotiation for the registration rights to David De Gea until yesterday morning.

- Real Madrid and Manchester United arrived quickly at an agreement for the transfers of both De Gea and Navas. After the editing of the relevant contractual documents and with the intention of proceeding with enough time to get everything sent to the Transfer Matching System of FIFA (TMS) as well as his registration with the Spanish Football League (LFP), Real Madrid resent the contracts to Manchester United at 13:39 Spanish time.
Manchester United sent back their comments on said contracts eight hours later, at 21:43 Spanish time, including small modifications. Due to not being relevant, all of the modifications were accepted immediately by Real Madrid with the intention of being able to register the player on time in the TMS and with the LFP.

- Real Madrid, having obtained the signatures of David De Gea and Keylor Navas, sent back to the English club the signed contracts at 23:32 Spanish time, waiting to receive the final documents signed by Manchester United.

- Manchester United reached a final agreement with the representatives of Keylor Navas at 23:53 Spanish time and it was at this time that the contracts were sent to the player to be signed.

- Manchester United entered into the TMS all the information for the De Gea deal, but not those for Keylor Navas, at 00:00 Spanish time, sending back to Real Madrid at the same time the signed transfer contracts. Real Madrid received the completed documentation at 00:02 and tried to access the TMS, but found it to already be closed.

- At 00:26 Spanish time the FIFA computer system, TMS, invited Real Madrid to fill in the details for David De Gea, given that the registration period in England continues to be open until today. Real Madrid, with the prospect of some contention over the transfer of the player, decided to send the contracts to the LFP, even knowing that the period had expired.

- Definitively, Real Madrid had done everything necessary, at all times, to ensure that these two transfers happened.

And this is what Man U claim:

The long United statement concludes: "It is our understanding that the deals couldn't happen because:

- Real Madrid didn't upload David's documents onto TMS {(FIFA Transfer Matching System} in time (Manchester United did)

- Real Madrid didn't upload David's documents to the Spanish league in time, per reports it seems some 28 minutes after the deadline. The fact that Manchester United filed the papers on time was acknowledged by the Football Association, who offered to support that claim in any discussions with FIFA. The club offered this assistance, as well as its own time-stamped documents to Real Madrid but they have chosen not to go down this route.

"Manchester United acts appropriately and efficiently in its transfer dealings. The club is delighted that its fan-favourite double Player of the Year, David de Gea, remains a Manchester United player."



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I honestly don't care. I just think it's hilarious how both teams will be dealing with morale issues while ManU seem like crazy, vindictive trolls.


Somebody made a great point on reddit, so I'll just post that as I think it is accurate.