The England National team thread


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Vedran-10;2440213 said:
I just read a few articles concerning this game... among them was an article about the country of Croatia... apparently the English did some "research" on it.

All I can say after reading it, is that I really really really hope we win tonight and send your arrogant, ignorant asses out of EURO. Unbelieveable.

Well before you insult all of us for the actions of one person, why not share the article with us, so we can also have the opportunity to judge the writer.

Really mate, you should know better than to paint us all with the same brush. That in itself is narrow minded and bigoted.


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1966+2006;2440383 said:
It's a f*cking calamity...

EDIT: I live in Germany, and I already have all my friends ringing me up and taking the piss out of me.

Judging by your two comments, you are following on soccernet as well?


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Red Card
We have had some nice chances, barry wasted a free kick and resulting corner, and SWP should have scored. Sad..


Steve McLaren

Worst hire in the history of sports? You decide! England not qualifying would be unbelievable, not that I would mind because the powers need to miss out on the big tourneys every once in a while as well. Believe it or not though I still see this turning around somehow for them, whether it be Russia not winning in Andorra somehow or England equalizing.
We'll see. We've still got another 45 minutes. And I don't care what the score is or who our manager is, I will not give up hope till the ref blows that bloody whistle.

EDIT: Beckham and Defoe on for Barry and SWP