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I couldn't agree more to what $teaua said.
England are being tipped for performers on every big tournament lately, although they tend to play boring and torture the eye. I was supporting them in Euro 2000, because i thought Beckham, scholes and the rest MU players may bring some magic into this dead squad, but meeeh, didn't happen again.
If you can recall it, England always lose the funniest possible way - Euro96, WC98, Euro04 and WC06 with penalties, Euro2000 with Phil Neville learning how to tackle, WC2002 with David Seaman sleeping on the goalline..

Croatia are solid and play beautiful. EUro 2008 will be nice and interesting. :)
I couldn't care less about all this English supporters around the globe. Sorry, but this is funny. Support your own NT's guys ;)


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Do you realise that if we had of qualified, we would have been stuck with this prick of a coach all the way to the World Cup. Ity does not bearthinking about. Find me one England fan who ever wanted or was happy that McClaren was appointed in the first place. There aint any. They do not exist.

He was the 3rd choice coach chosen by the FA, because they fu<ked up big time when choosing a successor to Erikson. Talking of Erikson, the FA actually sacked him BEFORE the last World Cup finals, so he had no heart for the fight after that. That explains clearlywhy England's campaign in the finals was so inept.

The FA are a bunch of useless old farts who should ALL take the blame for the decline in the standards of English football. Coaches come and go and the England set up is still a joke. For the board to even hire McClaren shows how little they know about the quality required. Will anyone from the board resign? Not on your life. They blame someone else and then hire the next tosser.

OK I realise that we were missing some big players who would have made a difference, but what coach in their right mind would play an average, untried and inexperienced GK in a game this important? Carson got stage fright and just froze on the night. As soon as I found out that he was starting Carson I thought, "big mistake No.1".

I couldn't believe it when Carson took the field for the second half either. I'd seen enough of him in the first half to realise that he was way out of his depth, so why didn't McClaren?

Then we hear that Crouch, who had a fantstic game actually, was to be the lone striker. Crouchy won EVERY SINGLE ball that came his way all night, but where was the support from a FIVE man midfield? It did not materialise.

Every man and his dog knows what Crouch's strengths are but McClown decided to leave out the one man who could place the ball on Crouch's head all night. Instead he played SWP, who is a good player but much to weedy against Croatia who are a very physical side. Poor old SWP was pushed off the ball at every opportunity.

Eventually when McClaren bought on Becks, he did what we all expected. He floated perfect ball after perfect ball into Crouch, and by the law of averages one of them was converted to bring us to 2-2. That goal was pure class by Becks and Crouch. Even the most ardent England hater would have to conceed that much.

So there we were at 2-2. As a final score, that would have sufficed. So what does McClown do? He tells the players to all move up and to keep attacking, knowing that our back 5 were having a nightmare and needed support. We conceed another goal. McClown then brings on Defoe (did he actually get a touch of the ball all night?), and Bent. Both players are well below the quality needed and prooved last night how average they actually are.

So we are out. Thank God, because I really would not want to suffer any more embarrasment if this squad with McClown in charge, actually made it to the finals.

We now have time on our side to rebuild for the next World Cup. I do not have any confidence whatsoever that the future will be any better though. We still have the same pricks in charge who will again employ yet another tosser who knows nothing.

Of course part of me is dissapointed we lost out, but a bigger part of me is also relieved thatwe do not have to endure any more inept and embarrassing England displays.

Just one thing for the gloaters though. I am no different from thousands of England fans. We, just like you, love to support our National football team. The vast majority of us do not think we have a God given right to be at every tournament. We also do not regard our country or our football team superior to all others. We also DO NOT gloat when other teams get knocked out from qualification either.

The big mistake that the gloaters make is to judge all of us by the very small minority of " Little Englanders ". I include the media in that.

The media and the minority of ignorant tossers that follow England have NOTHING whatsoever in common with the rest of us. We are simply normal fans who want to see our team do well. Just like you.

I realise that most of the knockers know nothing about us. All they know is what they read in the papers and that IS NOT the best place to form your opinions about an entire race of people.

So expand your minds a little and think to yourselves, do people around the World really know what we, (as in YOU), are really like? Are all Spanish people racist? Do all Turks like to stab people? Do all Eastern Europeans hate black people and work on the black market selling drugs and prostitutes?

These are the impressions an idiot could get from the negative publicity that certain countries recieve around the World. Do yourselves a favour in future.....Don't be one of those idiots.

Good luck to the teams that make it to the Euros. I for one will still be glued to the TV in the summer, because I'm a football lover. I love all football and I don't care one way or the other who provides it.

Thanks to Croatia also for putting us out of our misery.:)


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indeed coudln't agree more with Pede54

at least it's a new chance for a fresh start from top to bottom on all levels....

now they just would need to have the guts to make changes...
The best post I've seen in ages, I take my hat off to you pede54.
So, on to the next problem, who will they employ now to manage England?


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pede54;2440905 said:
I for one will still be glued to the TV in the summer, because I'm a football lover. I love all football and I don't care one way or the other who provides it.

Germany is still in it mate so jump on plan B (H)

Exellent post as usuall.


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Cheers fellas.

Joey, I don't mind if you gloat mate. You are the exception to the rule dude(Y) :)

Yeah Deisler, looks like I'll be going for Germany mate. Plan B it is. :)


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Yep its all great banter, well here in north Wales sales of Croatia shirts have gone through the roof, going through town today was like walking through Zagreb! :p

Oh yeah the FAW, the SFA and the IFA are all keeping the door open for you to come and join us for a one-off revival of the Home International Championship seeing as you got nowt to do this summer! (H)


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I'd love to see that happen Joey. I used to love the Home Championships. It would be cool to get that organised for this coming summer....seeing as none of us have owt to do this summer :D

Ubik Valis

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newbie original;2440637 said:
ok, ok, I'm probably missing a "relative" in there somewhere. Allow me to revise:

"You won't get sh=t in terms of an audience for Croatia-Poland....RELATIVE to what you would get for an England game against ANY of the other teams that qualified"

Then I guess your post was just "relatively" retarded. :)

Great post by pede btw, and better luck next time around for England. (Y)


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pede54;2441079 said:
I'd love to see that happen Joey. I used to love the Home Championships. It would be cool to get that organised for this coming summer....seeing as none of us have owt to do this summer :D
Well, we do need to exact some revenge for that fluky Joe Cole goal at the Millennium Stadium two years ago :evil:

It used to be our highlight of the year, playing the English and beating them, still get my dad telling me about the times when he went in 1980 and 1984 when we played them at the Racecourse and won both times. :D


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I think this quote sums things up.

France and England failed to qualify for World Cup USA '94. Since then France has won one world cup, one Euro championship, numerous age group championships and have been beaten finalist in both Euro and world cup. England, on the other hand, have won ZILCH. So why is this? Easy, the French licked their wound, looked introspectively at their state of affairs and went back to the basics of talent nurturing. We continued to live in the shadows of 1966 - deluded and desperately clutching at utopian straws!

But as pede don't think any drastic changes will be made. But fingers crossed, the :monkey: might get it sorted and get there heads out there arses.