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Fair points mate. Sure I know what Carrick can do, and what he does is often undersestimated too. He is a "quiet" player in that respect. He does a capable job all in all, but as you say, is rarely hitting the headlines.

Maybe by the time 2010 gets here he will have a few more England games under his belt, and I could possibly change my opinion about him, because I agree that those 4 midfielders you mentioned, would indeed be the best choice for us. At this moment in time I just don't rate him as highly as some do. Maybe one day he might convince me. I hope so because I only want the best for England after all.

Regarding Carson. There are no easy games any more, and if he mucks up in the big games because he lacks confidence, then why bother with him at all. I don't think he will ever be good enough, even with a few "easier" games under his belt. Anyway we have Hart, Green and Foster in the wings waiting, and they are all better than Carson.

I think the right back position will sort itself out sooner rather than later. Richards as you say, was doing a fine job there for a while, and I too would like to see him back there and in top form.

Wes is a little bit unpredictable sometimes, but he has improved massively, and I have to admit he too has done a pretty good job for England when called upon. Then we have Johnson. Mancienne once given the chance will fit right in there too. Fabio has seen him play a few times now and really rates him, so I think the right back spot will get sorted pretty soon.

I apologise for my ignorance regarding the German players the other night. I haven't kept up on the new wave of German International players, so I'll need to rectify that. Perhaps make a little more effort to watch the Bundesliga more than I do at present.

I still think that the win for us was good. I think the players all actually gelled fairly well together considering the haste in forming a side for that game. Nobody did their chances of a regular squad place any harm, because they all did very well, and it's reasurring to know that we have these players available to pick from when needed.

Fabio has done a fine job giving the confidence back to the squad. The players against Germany were full of it, and the regular (if there is such a thing) players, have shown bags of it too in all the games since Fabio arrived on the scene.

He has given the fans something to be happy about too after suffering for so long. Almost 8000 England fans travelled to Germany for that game, and sang their hearts out all night.

Supporting England has all of a sudden become fun again, and the bitching from the terraces has stopped at last. Lets hope that continues, because the players need to know the fans are behind them. It does make a difference.
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I like Adler too, BUT i believe the future number one of the manchaft should be Manuel Neuer. I've seen both players perform for their respective teams and i believe Neuer has that X factor than Adler might lack. I said might because that was his first ever bad game.

Having said that, Neuer has made some mistakes in the past year.
Maybe he'll get better in time for the World Cup, but I reckon Adler's the favourite for the moment.

I agree with the 4 CM's too, it's not bad having the two spare one's in reserve.
Who should occupy the wings in your opinion?
I reckon Young, Cole and Walcott should definitely be in there.
And sorry, but I really don't rate SWP. He makes some really poor decisions at times and I really don't think he belongs in the England squad and certainly not in the starting 11, mind I could maybe live with him in the squad.


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pede54;2593231 said:
Regarding Carson. There are no easy games any more, and if he mucks up in the big games because he lacks confidence, then why bother with him at all. I don't think he will ever be good enough, even with a few "easier" games under his belt. Anyway we have Hart, Green and Foster in the wings waiting, and they are all better than Carson.

That's very true, although there are easier forwards to play against than Klose, Gomez (who admitedly hasn't looked great for Germany), Podolski and Helmes for Germany and then Olic, Petric and Eduardo for Croatia. A team like Andorra for example can't boast that kind of quality. They still need to be beaten though and can cause upsets e.t.c. I just feel that at club level he has played well, some good reflex saves although he does seem to lose concentration at times, but a cleansheet for England might help him. Hart is the most likely future no.1 though. Foster won't get in because he isn't playing consistently and that seems to be one of the most important things to Capello.

I would like to see Mancienne break through at Chelsea, although it's always very difficult at the top clubs. Also I'm not sure who could be dropped from the back four to accomodate him. I've heard that he's been described by someone associated with the club (I can't remember who exactly) as better than Terry was at his age, so theres reason to be hopeful there.

1966+2006- I would go for Walcott, SWP, A.Young, J.Cole. Although one thing that was interesting which Clive Tyldesley (not the greatest of commentators) mentioned was that Downing is the only naturally left footed winger we have, so if he was in form I would probably go for him in place of SWP and have A.Young as a right winger. Bentley would also be a candidate, but I think Beckham will be too old for this tournament and we need to look to the future.


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Yeah we do, and the future looks fairly bright at this time. We can critisize various players, but we are fortunate to have a very large squad now, made up of players who can offer various alternatives to Fabio, and that has to be good for England.

Players want to play for the team now. Everyone is up for it and confidence is high. Thats somethiong that has been missing for years and it's feeling good to be a fan again.

So whoever makes the team will get my support. I trust Fabio already, and he knows what he's doing in my opinion, so it's up to us to simply support him and all of his players.


the spain list is that:

GK: cassillas, reina

Defenders: ratmos, arbeloa, puyol, juanito, piqué,albiol,marchena,capdevila

Mids: riera,senna,silva,xavi,iniesta,alonso,cazorla,busquets

fowards:villa,f.llorente,torres and güiza.

freaking awesome squad and team chemistry, england dont has a chance.


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He isn't that great, you know. At best, yes, he is world class, but for a world class keeper he is far too inconsistent. No need to call him up, as he wouldn't be playing. He doesn't need it. And by the way, don't you follow EPL even a bit, Reina has been one of the best keepers there this season.


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Squads confirmed:

England squad:

Goalkeepers: Robert Green (West Ham), Joe Hart (Man City), David James (Portsmouth).

Defenders: Wayne Bridge (Man City), Ashley Cole (Chelsea), Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd), Phil Jagielka (Everton), Glen Johnson (Portsmouth), John Terry (Chelsea), Matthew Upson (West Ham), Luke Young (Villa).

Midfielders: David Beckham (LA Galaxy), Gareth Barry (Villa), Michael Carrick (Man Utd), Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), James Milner (Villa), Shaun Wright-Phillips (Man City), Ashley Young (Villa).

Forwards: Gabriel Agbonlahor (Villa), Carlton Cole (West Ham), Peter Crouch (Portsmouth), Emile Heskey (Villa).

Spain squad:

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), Pepe Reina (Liverpool).

Defenders: Raul Albiol (Valencia), Carlos Marchena (Valencia), Alvaro Arbeloa (Liverpool), Joan Capdevila (Villarreal), Juan Gutierrez (Real Betis), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid).

Midfielders: Xabi Alonso (Liverpool), Albert Riera (Liverpool), Sergi Busquets (Barcelona), Santiago Cazorla (Villarreal), Marcos Senna (Villarreal), Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), David Silva (Valencia).

Forwards: Daniel Guiza (Fenerbahce), Fernando Llorente (Athletic Bilbao ), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), David Villa (Valencia).

full article

Not sure why Luke Young is in there, I guess because we don't have many options at RB. It'll be interesting to see how Cole does. Jagielka deserves to be there, he's been in great form lately.

Anyway, if we do lose there's no shame in that. This is a very good Spain squad. Personally I think we have the better manager and I hope that will count for something.


bybuti;2622242 said:
This needs a translation:

I guess it's about Valdes and del Bosque's decision.

del bosque presents the new spain logo after call a half of liverpool and other half of barça.
del bosque: i'm merengue but not silly.


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So.... Anyone want to talk about England seeing as it's the England NT thread and not about Valdes, who isn't going to get picked for Spain because Casillas is far better than him.


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bybuti;2622456 said:
1. and 2. doesn't go together.

You're right. This is England NT thread. There is a match England vs Spain. There is a debate about these two teams and who is called-up --> There is a debate why Valdes wasn't called up.

You said stick to the thread and made a comment that is totally related with Valdes debate.

btw, I didn't say that Casiallas isn't better than Valdes. We were comparing Valdes - Reina.

It was more to try to kill off the debate. Anyway what I was trying to get at is when I came on here I expected the usual people who talk about England to be on here, but they aren't. Not that I mind you on here because we are playing Spain afterall.


WTF, casillas is better ! end of the bull****s.

england, not bad team but cant do anything vs spain :S they are almost good as barça :S