The England National team thread


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with the added distraction of hosting the Olympics keeping the media and general populace occupied, it just may be possible this one time ...


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The expectations are low now, but it wouldn't surprise me if they are high by the time the competition starts. The media are distracted now by Chelsea and the Manchester title race.

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My expectations are nothing short of winning the tournament and showing a complete resurgence. Anything less and I will be genuinely furious.


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ShiftyPowers;3228906 said:
The expectations are low now, but it wouldn't surprise me if they are high by the time the competition starts. The media are distracted now by Chelsea and the Manchester title race.

From the end of the UCL final, they've got 3 weeks untill the EUROs


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Goalkeepers - Joe Hart, Robert Green, John Ruddy.

Defenders - Leighton Baines, Gary Cahill, Ashley Cole, Glen Johnson, Phil Jones, Joleon Lescott, John Terry.

Midfielders - Gareth Barry, Stewart Downing, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, James Milner, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Scott Parker, Theo Walcott, Ashley Young.

Strikers - Andy Carroll, Jermain Defoe, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck.

Standby - Carlos Butland, Phil Jagielka, Jordan Henderson, Adam Johnson, Daniel Sturridge.

First thoughts: Where the **** is Crouch? Can't believe how badly screwed over he's been by England managers considering his international record. He has like 1 goal every 100 minutes or something. Picked behind Heskey for years and now kicked out altogether.

Also, Downing?! I'm struggling to think of an English Premiership winger who ISN'T more deserving of a place. 36 games, 0 goals, 0 assists, 72 fruitless shots.
STEWART F*CKING DOWNING. Unbelievable. I just don't see how this guy manages to be rated so highly when he's had an awful season.
Johnson doesn't belong there, either. Especially when you see that Micah Richards isn't in there. I've come to the conclusion that someone at the FA has it in for him, he's been overlooked so many times, it's ridiculous.


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Gotta feel for Micah, how do you not include him with the season he's had? Especially with Walker out injured, would have figured Micah was a shoe-in for RB. Glen ******* Johnson, what a joke.

And no Carrick yet Henderson is on standby? Has Roy watched ANY football this season at all? Damn.


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No richard is shocking, and Carrick. Carrick probably had his best season with United. I would of ditched Lamps and Gerard over some youth too. Not like were going to win anything this year, should be transitioning.


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Has Oxlade really been better that Sturridge? I'm fine with him not being selected, it might motivate him after a poor 2nd half of the season, but come on, Downing (and I like the Aston Villa Downing) and him over Sturridge? No Crouch, no Carrick, no Richards and some undeserved call-ups there. Pretty bad.

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Right, well here's the squad:

I am absolutely FURIOUS with this squad. I cant believe what a **** selection it is.

1) Goalkeepers - ROB GREEN!? You mean Championship player and WC2010 DISASTER Rob Green? I know there are not a lot of choices, but surely Scott Carson would be a better choice, and couldnt a manager with an iota of influence persuade Ben Foster whom he used to manage to come out of retirement for one tournament)

2) Defenders - What the **** is he playing at relying on Glen Johnson? Johnson is a horrendously overrated player who has had a terrible season AND who undermined Roy at Liverpool. And then the only right back cover is Phil Jones and right back isnt his primary position! Alright it is a shame Walker isnt fit, but Richards has had a great season and is a far better player than Johnson, and can cover the central positions too.

3) Midfield - Great idea Roy, select Barry, Gerrard, Lampard and Milner, the midfield which Germany humiliated last world cup. How many chances are these guys gonna get? Lampard and Gerrard couldnt perform for england in their prime, now both are well past their best. Barry shouldn't be anywhere near the England squad, Milner is a workhorse but not much else. No more than one or two of those four should have made the squad. DOWNING being named is enough to make me want to punch Roy in the face and not happy to see Walcott there either when Sturridge, Johnson, Lennon etc are left out. INFURIATING. Honestly, I'd even rather take a punt on someone like Dyer than those idiots.

4) Forwards - why do managers KEEP calling up Jermaine Defoe? With Rooney banned for three matches and the potential for Carroll to be a donkey all tournament, we need another option to LEAD THE LINE and Defoe is so bad at that he has been no more than a sub at Tottenham his entire career and constantly disappoints for England.

5) Reserves - So Butland who played at Cheltenham last season is a better option than Carson? And JORDAN ******* HENDERSON!!!!

So yeah, not not happy at all. Actually very angry. Disgraceful. Could not be more wrong. Roy Hodgson deserves to be shot in the face repeatedly.

(By the way you know Harry would have had the guts to dump at least some of the players who are well past their prime and dont even deserve an international swansong, and actually pick the players based on form and take a chance on some younger players, you know, players that actually play as a team and might actually benefit from some big tournament experience before the next world cup?)


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Roy Hogson is a "red" which is why he's obviously biased for Liverpool players. England will fail miserably just like the "reds".


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Looks like Carrick declined/retired England unless he was given a starting position... not sure how the other lot are ranking before him.


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Mandieta6;3235802 said:
Has Oxlade really been better that Sturridge?
the apparent justification for Ox's selection:
Roy Hodgson said:
He is a very exciting player who has made an impression on me, not least in his performance against AC Milan at the Emirates.

I was there live and saw how well he dealt with Pirlo and Ambrosini. He can play wide or central and for future and can continue as he started.
hahaha :-D


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I hear you guys all complain, but apart from Micah Richards (who is this guy not a starter for anybody? He is a machine, should be the first one to be picked) and Theo Walcott (def better choice than Downing), who else would you have picked?

Ok, lets say we take Richards, Walcott and Crouch instead, how much better are your chances of getting out of the group stages? There is just nobody to select from at all really.