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Snk;3845963 said:
How about doing Indian Super League?

I think someone else is working on that Right Now. And I just landed a bunch of new work. Encouraging the community to watch the videos and use the tools described to build these leagues yourselves and help contribute.


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mrliioadin;3837775 said:
TT Pro League (Trinidad and Tobago) v0.1
Another user has been working on a T&T patch but I don't think it has been released yet. When it is, I'm sure it will be more accurate than this one.
Who is this user?


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regularcat;3846899 said:
You are the user.


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Hi all,I'm new to this forum, and I want to make season 15 - 16 eredivisie (dutch 1st) and season 15 - 16 jupiler league/eerste divisie (dutch 2nd)

Currently only ajax is up to date, 15-16 pics are missing though

Anyone excited/offering help?



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I wanted to make some leagues with your program, but i can't run it... :(
Can I send you some rosters of teams, which I want to create?