THE GROTENBURG Preview - The 94/95 Total Conversion! -


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Little Update.

Got to handle the CL Kit Problematic with the EPL Teams

Now: every EPL Team gets Individual Kit Files too.
That means in example for Arsenal

Arsenal gets : kit_1_1_0.rx3 for their EPL Season ( with Numbers in kitnumbers folder and their fonts)
kit_1_20001-19.rx3_223/224.rx3 for their European Matches . They dont have any names. I made a blank font file and used RevMod for specification in 223 and 224. So every team in CL and EL looses their names on their Shirts.

The same goes for the European and World Cup Qualifiers with the numbers and the Names. No fixed Number assignment on the Pitch.

I love Scouser! Best man with his Mod!


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Project is on Hold cause of Stadium Problems.

If somebody can solve the Problems with the Crowd Exporter in Blender ( out of Range limit reached bla...) or tell me how to open DAT Files in Rhinos, i will be happy and will continue.