The Portuguese NT Thread

Vinnie Jones

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FT Portugal-6 Luxembourg-0; Goals by Pauleta (2), Simão (2), Jorge Andrade and Ricardo Carvalho. Competent performance by our Nt against a very poor Luxembourg side.


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Hehe The Luxemburguese keeper wanted to show it to the master.

Pauleta was crap, ok the first goal was nice but other than that was useless. Deco was awesome, the MOTM imo (Y)

And Ricardo still there... Bah and everytime he touched the ball the Algarve public gave him a big applause. Ridiculous, a guy who gets a big paycheck to defend some balls, and makes some (big) mistakes and that even doesn't admit them is encouraged this way. If he had another profession everyone would just understand how bad he is, and rightly so.

Only if we had no valid alternatives, but we have and better and more consistent then him. Damn it this is really getting on my nerves, this Ricardo thing is getting too far it's just unbelievable. The question is when is the next blunder Ricardo ? :nape:
Congrats to the boys, now let's do the same in Russia! We're comin' for ya, Ruskies.. (6)

Anyone have the highlights to the game today? I wasn't able to watch it here this time :(


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Cristiano had me cracking up when he was messing with those poor defenders.

Did anyone else notice that their keeper was short as hell and looked like Bud Bundy?

One thing was said by the interviewer guy that I totally agree with. Portugal is looking more and more like a club team every match. I believe that's why scolari keeps the same players. This group works, even though we may have one or two frangos in the group. ;)


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FIFA World Cup Qualifier
Estádio Algarve, Faro/Loulé
Assistance: 26.408
Ref: Van Egmond (Holland)

Portugal (4x2x3x1):Ricardo - P. Ferreira, Jorge Andrade, Ricardo Carvalho, N. Valente - Costinha e Maniche (J. Moutinho ao intervalo) - Figo, Deco (Postiga 66m) e C. Ronaldo (Simão 60m) - Pauleta.

Coach: Luiz Filipe Scolari

Luxemburgo (5x4x1): Marc Oberweis - Federspiel, Heinz, Lang (Schnell 39m), Reiter, Leweck - Strasser, Remy (Sabotic 66m), Pace (Sagramola 61m), Collette - Hoffmann.

Coach: Guy Hellers

1-0, J. Andrade (23m)
2-0, R. Carvalho (30m)
3-0, Pauleta (37m)
4-0, Pauleta (55m)
5-0, Simão (79m)
6-0, Simão (84m)


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This Luxembourg team is one of the worst I've seen in all my life :|

6-0 is obviously the result of a well done job, Deco was real class today (fez praí umas 5 cuecas (H)) and Ronaldo just seemed to be saving himself for the next victim....Russia :hump:


I think it was a good performance overall. We all know how our players tend to not give a fack when playing smaller teams, so it was great to see them care for most of the game. (Y)

The highlight for me was Ronaldo's move versus 2 defenders. I mean that was amazing!!! We need to get a clip of that (anyone?) and share it with the world. Any football comp. should feature that move.


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«Quando vejo que o seleccionador diz, antes de um jogo particular, que vai chamar jogadores que nunca foram seleccionados, a minha esperança renasce. Mas quando o nosso nome não aparece nas convocatórias, a esperança esmorece e acaba mesmo por morrer.»

Pedro Mendes

who wants to bet that Scolari didn't even know who is he or ever saw him play? :funny:


Pedro Mendes can't even cut in Tottenham's starting 11 atm, what in the hell makes him think that he'll get a call? (apart from Scolari having made dumber things).


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Virgo said:
Pedro Mendes can't even cut in Tottenham's starting 11 atm, what in the hell makes him think that he'll get a call? (apart from Scolari having made dumber things).
Well, Scolari has already made it clear that he'll call a player regardless of that player being a starter or not, he highlighted this after the match against Luxemburg. Doesn't really make much sense, apperantly it does to Scolari. :fool:


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The trio: C. Ronaldo, Deco, L. Figo are solid in the midfield. If they can keep up like this, Portugal would be one of the favorites.

*reminding me about Portugal in EURO 2000* (Y)