The Real Madrid Thread [2005 - 2006]

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I can't see Bayern actually accepting this offer of 15 Million for Ballack. I may have not seen much Bundesliga matches this year (lets say 3) but last I heard wasn't Ballack still THE MAN? Why would Bayern, who just won another title, sell one of their best players for only 15 Million? Or has his career gone totally down the drain while my back was turned and my FSC schedule f*cked up?


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Raikkonen said:
and a probably line-up...
*That would put Owen back on the bench again after Luxa gave him a starting position over Figo. probably not gonna happen.
*C.Ronaldo or Jaoquin would not want to come to Mardrid to start on the bench. One of them on for Zidane.
*Same i think with Sergio Ramos, i'd put him in for Helguera in that lineup
*poor old Guti gets left on the bench again.
*and i dont think getting Ballack and P.Garcia is a good idea. i would use Gravensen and Ballack as they are in the above lineup but if one gets injured they could swap positioning and some of the bench players could be used

but we definatley need that LW position covered.......HEY! I GOT IT! LUIS FIGO CAN PLAY LEFT WING!!!!!!YYYAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!
(deep sigh)....i'll just keep on dreaming........
this is what i would have luxa do:

--------------Casillas--------------------subs (diego lopez)
Salgado--Ramos----Samuel--R. Carlos----subs(woody/Ivan/Pavon)

'subs' means subs for that(those) position(s).

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Raul linked with Reds move

Spanish striker Raul has intimated he may be ready to leave Real Madrid and Liverpool is reported to be his likely destination.

Raul's place in the Real team has come under threat from former Liverpool striker Michael Owen.

The 27-year-old believes he has yet to peak, but has called on the Bernabeu club he joined in 1995 to tell him if he still has a future there.

"After 11 years here I want what is best for the club," Raul said.

"If at some time I have to sacrifice myself in order for the team to progress then I will do.

"If the club calls you up and says you have to go then as a player you have to be prepared to look for a way out that benefits everyone.

"If I listen to the polls in some papers, it looks as though I should leave now.

"I still feel useful to the club and believe I have not reached my peak, but I don't want to be in the way. All I want is for the club to be clear with me."

Owen joined Real from Liverpool last summer, while Raul's former strike partner Fernando Morientes made the switch to Anfield in a £6.3m deal in

From the Daily Mirror:

Liverpool are preparing one of the biggest transfer coups ever as they line up Real Madrid skipper Raul. The Champions League all-time top scorer has visited the club four times in recent months, and contact has been made with the 27-year-old over the possibility of a sensational move to England - after he indicated he is ready to leave Spain

Maybe Owen will start next season :brow:


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RoyIsALegend said:
Who said that?

They should be in jail right now, because that's an open, direct threat.

i meant it in a methaphorical way. Perez will be veeery hated if he lets Raul go. and the quotes part was for Raul saying that he will leave if its for the good of the team. he said that a few months ago, not now.


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I don't think that Perez is gonna sell Raul cause he is the captain and symbol of Real Madrid and he know that so i don't think he gonna risk of move on selling Raul.


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I bet Raul will prefer starting for Liverpool, than being on the bench for Real. Wouldn't Madrid fans want to see him go, considering he's barely had an impact over the last two season.


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Raul is a starter at Real, always has been, hes been here all his life. he hasnt scored alot of goals lately, but he's the one that goes back to midfield to pick up the ball, he does alot of work. hes an icon of Real Madrid, i hope he never leaves.


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well i think it is time to leave everything behind and focus on the players that are havin a good moment...

we noe raul wont be in the bench if he is the captain,
and i want new ppl in our team...

mega montana

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real madrid would have nowhere to play if they sold raul because the stadium would be burned down

he's madrid through and through...a few bad patches cant sour his outstanding career :jambo:
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