The REAL Maxim Tsigalko


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I'm sure someone ever wondered WHO is Maxim Tsigalko in Real Life, and why is he so damn good in CM. Well, after a long research, I was able to decrypt the Russian pages of Dinamo Minsk ( and of
They didn't give me any info that I didn't already know; he's born on May 27th 1983, he has played 2 matches for the Belarus NT, scoring 1 goal. Then, I wrote to [email protected], and I got this response:

Hello Mr. Matteo Dimai!
Maxim not in transfer list. But in this year he spent few weeks at the FC
Shinnik (Russia), we thought that he was sold, but bit later he is back. Our
clubs didnt solve money questions. Today is sunday I will call tomorrow to
the office of our club for ask them about stats that you need. Also I will
try to ask our general director about situation with Maxim if you need?! :)
have a nice day.
And best wishes for your team and ITALIAN NATIONAL TEAM :)
Siarhei S. Zarykhta

I will definitely keep you posted. Maybe he's a REAL talent that could be a major star in a couple of years...


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That's the reply I got, still waiting for the stats:
Ciao :)
Its too funny why peoples ask about him. Last year alot of peoples sents me
e-mails about send them pics of Maxim. I dont want to say that he is bad...
but he is not as good as peoples talk about him its just my opinion, nothing
more. :) This year second half of season Maxim doesnt play. Because of
dispute with our ex-coach Baydachniy, the problem was that Maxim with his
twin brother (goalkeeper) (Yuri Tsigalko, another good one at CM note by Artod ) always ask our coach when you sell us, they are
thought that Dinamo its to bad for them. About one year ago was another one
bad story when our chair men Chizh, catch Maxim and his brother Yuri was
drunk after party. And again they are was at reserve for some games. :)
About our site we have some problems with update because of many problems in
club. But I hope in one day we solve this problem. In this time you can ask
me everything what you need to know.


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He scored 45+ goals with Triestina in 2003/2004, first season in Serie A... he's still damn good and damn cheap! ;)


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He scored 60 goals in one season in my game with HSV (Cm4) :p Think he's still good, not as good as he was in CM01/02 but very good. Dont know how good he is in CM03/04


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ah, everytime i hear Maxims name it always sends a surge through my body, same with Gomez, reminding me off those past glories.



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His twin brother Yury Tsigalko(GK) is also good, Ricardo was never going to get his place back anyway, since I sold him off to WBA for 900k (H)


Originally posted by shokz
His twin brother Yury Tsigalko(GK) is also good, Ricardo was never going to get his place back anyway, since I sold him off to WBA for 900k (H)
I went to buy them both last night, Inter Milan were interested in Yury so I was like :f***:

They seem to be on a goalkeeper chase in this game, Nigmatullin and Elefthuroplous were are be touted by Inter