The SL Benfica Thread [2007-2008]


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Team honours
- National

- Portuguese League (I Divisão, I Liga, Superliga, Liga): 31

Winners: 1935/36 1936/37 1937/38 1941/42 1942/43 1944/45 1949/50 1954/55 1956/57 1959/60 1960/61 1962/63 1963/64 1964/65 1966/67 1967/68 1968/69 1970/71 1971/72 1972/73 1974/75 1975/76 1976/77 1980/81 1982/83 1983/84 1986/87 1988/89 1990/91 1993/94 2004/05;

Runners-up (24):

- Portuguese Cup: 24

Winners: 1939/40 1942/43 1943/44 1948/49 1950/51 1951/52 1952/53 1954/55 1956/57 1958/59 1961/62 1963/64 1968/69 1969/70 1971/72 1979/80 1980/81 1982/83 1984/85 1985/86 1986/87 1992/93 1995/96 2003/04

Runners-up (9):

- Former Portuguese Championship (between 1921–1922 and 1937–1938): 3

Winners: 1929/30 1930/31 1934/35

- SuperCup Cândido de Oliveira: 4

Winners: 1979/80 1984/85 1988/89 2005/06

Runners-up (10):

- European

European Champions Cup: 2

Winners: 1961, 1962;

Runners-up (5)
1963, 1965, 1968, 1988, 1990

UEFA Cup: 0
Runners-up (1): 1983

Historical Results

Historical results

Benfica-7 Madrid Football Club-0 in 1913:
Still not known by the royal name, the Spanish side traveled to Portugal, after being invited to play against Lisbon clubs. In January 26th, despite being in his dawn of international games, Benfica would achieve one of the heaviest defeats ever of Real Madrid's international historic record.

Benfica-12 FC Porto-2 in 1943: in the 5th round of the 1942\43 national championship, FC Porto suffered their biggest defeat ever in the championships. Julinho scored four times, Manuel da Costa, Valadas and Teixeira twice and Francisco Ferreira one. Alfredo scored and own goal. At half time, the score was 4-0. Benfica would eventually win the title in the end.

Benfica-7 Sporting-2 in 1946: The longest series of consecutive defeats (5) against the historical rival ended in style, in the 18th round of the 1945\46 championship. Both Arsénio and Mário Rui achieved a hat-trick while Rogério scored one goal. It was the first time in History either team scored more than 5 goals against the other.

Benfica-2 Girondins Bordeux-1 in 1950: Breaking an unprecedent four years hiatus by winning the 1949\50 national league championships, the club played the recently formed Latin Cup, held in Portugal, in the national stadium. Surpassing Lazio in semi-finals, Benfica met the French champions, Bordeux, in the final game. The final 3-3 result after extra time obliged both teams to play another game, one week later. In June 18th, 1950, Benfica won 2-1, with a goal from Julinho, on the 146th minute, after a late tie in the regular time. The game was added 30 minutes scheduled in extra time which didn't produce any goals, followed by a 10-minute extra period until one of the teams scored the winning goal. With 266 minutes in total, this was easily one of the longest finals in Football History. It was the very first international success of Benfica as well as the Portuguese football.

Benfica-3 Barcelona-2 in 1961: For the first time, Benfica reached an European Cup final in 60/61. Their opposition was the giant and highly favorited Barcelona. Benfica defeated Barca 3-2, becoming the first club to win the European Cup besides Real Madrid, who had won the previous 5 finals.

Benfica-5 Real Madrid-3 in 1962: In 61/62 Benfica reached the European Cup final again, in one of the most anticipated finals of all time: The current champions against the former 5 times winners Real Madrid. With Eusebio on one side and Di Stefano on the other. The game was a very emotional one, with Benfica coming from 2-0 and 3-2 down to beat Real Madrid 5-3 and becoming European champions for the second time in a row. Eusebio scored 2 goals in this historic victory.

Benfica-5 Real Madrid-1 in 1965: Game for the 1/4 finals of the 64/65 Champions Cup's season and Benfica demolished the Spanish giants, with Eusebio scoring 2 goals.

Ajax-1 Benfica-3 in 1969: Counting for the first leg of 1968\69 Champion's Cup´ quarter-finals, Benfica won in a heavily snowed field, beating Johan Cruijff ´s side with a great performance. This win is historically significant, as Benfica was the first club in Europe to be able to defeat the Amsterdam team in his homeland for UEFA competitions, and was the only European club to achieve such success for a long time: Ajax wouldn't lose another European match at home until September 1981, in the first round of 1981\82 Cup Winners' Cup edition, when Tottenham Hotspur beat them 2-1. Despite the important victory, Benfica didn't secure the two goals advantage, losing by the same score in the return match in Lisbon, and by 0-3 after extra time in Paris, in the decision match, not managing to follow to the semi-final for the sixth time in nine years.

Benfica-5 Feyenoord-1 in 1972: In the first hand, Benfica had lost 0-1 to Feyenoord, but in the return leg, Benfica were able to win 5-1, with 3 goals scored in the last 10 minutes.

Benfica-6 FCPorto-0 in 1972: Game for the 1/4 finals of the Portuguese Cup. And it was one of the biggest victories of Benfica over rivals FCPorto.

Benfica-5 Sporting-0 in 1978: A very famous victory of Benfica over the all-time-rivals Sporting Lisbon. At half-time Benfica were already winning 5-0.

AS Roma-1 Benfica-2 in 1983: A magnificent victory in Italy over a great Roma team that became Italian champions that year, and reached the Champions cup final in the following year.

Benfica-5 Sporting-0 in 1986:
Game for the 1/4 finals of the Portuguese Cup and Benfica were able to equal the victory of 1978.

Benfica-2 Steaua-0 in 1988: 2ª hand of the semi-finals of the Champions Cup of the 87/88 season. With an astonishing attendance of 120.000, Benfica won 2-0 at Gheorghe Hagi's Steaua and reached the final.

Benfica-1 Marseille-0 in 1990: 2ª hand of the semi-finals of the Champions Cup of the 89/90 season. In France, Benfica had lost 1-2 and in this game, Benfica scored the winning goal, only five minutes to the end, in a polemic goal. Vata scored with his hand, which wasn't spotted by the official.

Arsenal-1 Benfica-3 in 1991:
Game for the 2º round of the Champions Cup. After a 1-1 draw at Lisbon, the teams drew again in London after 90 minutes. However, Benfica were able to score 2 goals in extra-time and eliminated the English champions from the most important competition in Europe.

Leverkusen-4 Benfica-4 in 1994: One of the most emotional matches of Benfica history. A total of eight goals in the end of this game, as Benfica got the passport to the semi-finals of the Cup winners Cup.

Sporting-3 Benfica-6 in 1994: In the game that decided the 93/94 championship, Benfica made one of the best performances of all times, winning in an astonishing way in the home of their arch-rivals.

Sporting-1 Benfica-4 in 1998: Another famous victory of Benfica over Sporting.

Benfica-2 Manchester United-1 in 2005: For the first time, Benfica were able to defeat Man Utd, gaining the right to play the next round of the Champions League, and even more impressive: leaving Man Utd out of European competitions for the season.

Liverpool-0 Benfica-2 in 2006: Benfica is one of the few European clubs that can proudly say that were able to defeat Liverpool at Anfield. A historical victory.

Notable former players

Squad changes 2006/07 season


David Luiz (Vitória) - 1M€ for 50%
Marc Zoro (Messina) - free transfer
Fábio Coentrão (Rio Ave) - 1M€
Oscar Cardozo (Newell's Old Boys) - 9M € for 80%
Manuel Fernandes (Everton) - back from loan
Gonzalo Bergessio (Racing) - 1,5M €
Hans-Jorg Butt (Leverkusen) - free transfer
Angel Dí María (Rosario Central) - 5M € for 80%
Andrés Díaz (Rosario Central) - 1M € for 50%
Sretenovic (Rad Belgrado) - free transfer
Freddy Adu (Real Salt Lake) - 1,5M €
Luís Filipe (Braga) - 500m €


Simão - Atlético de Madrid (20 M € more two players)
Manduca - AEK Athens
Beto - FC Sion
João Coimbra (loan) - Nacional da Madeira
Pedro Correia (loan) - Desportivo das Aves
Kaz Patafta (loan) - Melbourne Victory
Paulo Jorge (loan) - Malaga
Karagounis - free

Current Squad

GK: Quim, Moreira, Hans-Jorg Butt
RB: Nélson, Luís Filipe
LB: Léo, Miguelito
DC: Luisão, David Luiz, Zoro, Sretenovic, Miguel Vítor*
MDC: Petit, Romeu Ribeiro*
MC: Katsouranis, Manuel Fernandes, Nuno Assis, Andrés Díaz
MAD: Manú**
MAE: Fábio Coentrão
MAC: Rui Costa, Freddy Adu
A: Mantorras, Nuno Gomes, Oscar Cardozo, Bergessio, Angel Di María, Yu Dabao*

* ex-youth squad, will do the pre-season, don't know if they'll stay in the first team or not

** probably gonna be sold


Senior Squad
Great job with the new thread mate! (Y)

Hopefully we'll win it this year:p

Rumor today in Correio da Manhã they are saying Hugo Viana will be loaned to us.

If he'll be here to be benched that's fine by me. I already said it here I think, I used to like watching him play when he was at Sporting but he never seemed to return to those days after he left them.

Anyway it's just a rumour, but Karagounis might be leaving. However we'll have M. Fernandes (hopefully) for the left CM position.


Starting XI
Denied already

Benfica nega interesse em Hugo Viana

Face às notícias veiculadas no dia hoje, aludindo ao interesse do S.L.Benfica no jogador Hugo Viana, do Valência Club de Fútbol, a Sport Lisboa e Benfica – Futebol, SAD, nega que tenha existido qualquer interesse desta sociedade desportiva no referido atleta.

I'm liking this attitude, this probably means we are really interested in Fabrizio, Cássio, Willian e Ratinho.


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RuiCosta_10;2350779 said:
Denied already

Benfica nega interesse em Hugo Viana

Face às notícias veiculadas no dia hoje, aludindo ao interesse do S.L.Benfica no jogador Hugo Viana, do Valência Club de Fútbol, a Sport Lisboa e Benfica – Futebol, SAD, nega que tenha existido qualquer interesse desta sociedade desportiva no referido atleta.

I'm liking this attitude, this probably means we are really interested in Fabrizio, Cássio, Willian e Ratinho.

Good. (Y)

Yeah, you're right at least this way most of speculation only lasts a few hours. Defenately an improvement over the last years.


Starting XI

Doubt he could ever adapt to a completely different type of game...

He's really amazing in Futsal, fantastic technique and speed, great finishing, one of the best in the world.

Robinho, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and many others have played Futsal before, but the difference is that those started playing 11 Football at a young stage, Ricardinho is 21 "already".

Fred started at 18 tho... We never know, one thing is sure, we could not win a good football player, but we will never lose the megastar he is in Futsal, Falcão (world number 1) tried in São Paulo, but he haven't succeeded, so he came back to Futsal.

Let's wait and see, but it would be amazing to see him doing the "cabrito" to Pepe (H)


Senior Squad
Benfica have denied that Ricardinho will be doing the pre-season with the main 11 football team.

It's on the official site, guess it was only BS from Record..


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Theo;2351874 said:
Steaua have made an offer of €900k for Pedro Correia. Any info would do. :$

He's a RB. Never watched him play, so can't really help you much.. The only occasion he played in the A team was in some tourney in Dubai. I've heard good things about him, but apparently he didn't convince our coach. But Fernando Santos isn't the type of coach to take a risk in giving chances to young players he's unsure about, so Pedro Correia only played on that tourney with the senior team, if I remember correctly.

He's still young though, so he can defenately improve his game.


Starting XI
I've saw two games of Pedro Correia, to be honest, he could have taken Nelson's place in the first team from what i've saw, but then again, who couldn't?

He seems a decent player, decent pace, decent technique, plays with both feet and has good crossing, but like i said i have only watched two games of him.

He seems pretty weak physically tho, but i don't think Benfica would sell him, at most loan him, since he's still young, and could develop into a good player.




Słowiańska Dusza
Can someone tell me something about Tiago Gomes which Zagłębie loaned from Befica?


Starting XI
Anthony;2354203 said:
Can someone tell me something about Tiago Gomes which Zagłębie loaned from Befica?

From what i've saw, and that was to little, he's pretty fast, pretty agressive and pretty dumb.

He's small, and has good crossing, an eternal prospect for the future, probably even when he turns out 30.


guys, Bergessio and Sretenovic confirmed, the team looks balanced with good players for every positions, which solution do you think it's the best for the first 11?

Here's what i think:


Zoro -- Luisão -- D.Luiz -- Léo


Katsouranis -- M. Fernandes


Bergessio -- Cardozo​


Senior Squad
I pretty much agree with that formation.

Though if Nélson is in better conditions physically and psychologically than he was last season I would start him. I believe he's gonna step up to it now that he has someone fighting for his place. If that doesn't happen then by all means play Zoro.

Also, in some games we may want a more attacking or defending full back, so I guess FS can switch more often (btw I really hope that he does rotate players now that we have a more balanced squad in terms of quality, so that the usual starters can get some rest).

I would play Nuno Gomes alongside with Cardozo, I believe he could compliment him well. Of course, if he's on form. Similar situation to Nélson's.

I'm happy with the squad. We finally have some quality alternatives. :sun:


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MaSsiVe;2354554 said:
who the **** is Sretenovic

Never watched him play, but what I know from the press is that he's a promissing serbian player, young CB (22 years old), strong (1,91m and 87kg) who they say is good at marking and he's reasonably fast for his height, so he can also play in a 3 defenders tactic as RB if needed.

That's what Drulovic said in "A Bola" anyway, we'll have to check it ourselves. :mexican:


On other news, with Karagounis leaving and reports suggesting Miccoli is close to sign with Palermo Fernando Santos wants another box-to-box midfielder and another forward.