The Wall!


Starting XI
Me and my friend Micky play online in multi-co op mode and recently tonight we've had a streak of 3 wins and in two of the games the other two players' for the full game had 0 shots. We call our defence 'the wall' because when the other team attacks, it's like they hit a brick wall cause they can't break us. It's insane how good our defence is, but the sad part is that we haven't scored many goals yet completly flooded their defence in attack.

Funny though when you're kicking sum ass and the player thinks he's good and starts brining out the keeper. Players' keep loosing goals to us because of this...fools man. I don't get why they do it...straight tackle and tap-in. If you're gonna be a cocky bastad you might as well have some ability to attack first...DON'T bring out ya keeper when ya can't even get a shot at goal.

Well yeah, basically it's almost..ALMOST the perfect combination of two players'.

I wanna challenge some of you guys in multi co-op but only when it's 2v2



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i play wid my bro alot online, bt we aint very good lol, we used to be amazing on ps2 bt we cnt get it geling on xbox 360. Can you invite ppl to 2v2 match?