The "What team should I be" Thread


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I'm starting this because I've gotten to that point I think every FM player gets to when they start up a game, play about 30 minutes and then just quit because for whatever reason it isn't fun. So therefore if anyone ever gets in that situation, they can ask the fellow members what team they should be and you can give certain aspects you look for in a team, for example you want to sign unlimited foreigners (Holland & Belgium) or have a generous chairman (Chelsea/Real Madrid) or whatever. Maybe you have a division or nation you like to play in, but just can't find the right team, come here and ask!

I'll go first ;)

I LOVE the power to sign whoever I want, so I want money, top flight football, and lenient foreign player restrictions. I don't really care what league I play in, I'll try anything from Albania to Uruguay, but I want the ability to go out and sign a superstar if I desire it. One of my most favorite games was Olympiakos in CM 01/02, but usually I stick with Bayern my favorite team. Also, I don't want to be Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus, or Chelsea. Just don't. Any suggestions????


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Valencia. You still have that annoying foreign players rule, but cash you will have. Plenty.

If you really want to have zero concerns over foreign players, and cash is less important, Ajax is the way to go. Piss easy league, but not a lot of earnings, unless you do well in Europe.


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id say go for a samll team with average to bad players, that has possibility for exapnding their stadium and with the ability to provide with enough money when/if the team ever get good. Hard to find i know! :P


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Alex, go for Villarreal. They are small and their only superstar is an on-loan Riquelme. They can expand their stadium and you might get generous amounts to spend if you do well.


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AS Monaco, Lyon or PSG...

They all got quite alot of money to spend. And the foreign rules in France are cool only players from another continent are considered to be foreign players and french colonies like Morocco, Algeria and Tunesia don't count as foreign(not sure of that though)
well, if you are looking for teams that have great foundations but aren't in the best position in the world, wheather it be because of piss poor leagues or debt or something like that. I suggest Ajax, Parma or Valancia. Ajax has a great team to start out with, in all honesty if you don't change a thing you can easily win the league with De Jong, Heitinga, Maxwell, vaart and sneijder as the base. You will get mauled in europe though. Parma is way into debt but only need a little bit of extra "spice" to do something in the league. Valencia of course, is great, you don't need to sign anybody...but they are still outclassed by the other teams in the league.


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I just started as Lyon (nice suggestion by the way) and I'm having some fun, so that's great. Sold Nilmar for 4 Million (WAY under his value) so I could buy Robinho and it's proven to be a great move. Also bought Kompany from Anderlecht (but after he had played 2 champions league games GOD DAMMIT) and then signed Vanden Borre the day before his 17th birthday. Nice squad, but Juninho might be the worst conditioned player I've ever seen, and it's really frustrating considering he's the best player on my team. After him it's Robinho and Kompany (GREAT signings)


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I also started as Lyon, board wanted me to make high profile signing, I said OK and went for famous Lukas Podolski.. One week before the transfer window closes, Chairman of club said that I didn't took his advise on signing high profile signings and he'll be taking matters in his own hands.. a week later, I had both Hasan Sas and Raul Tamudo with a 67M-Dollars debt :kader: ..

I have always thought that chairmans' should NOT be involved in transfers.. :)


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I agree the Chairman should not be involved in transfers, but the manager's job isn't the club's finances. If he wants to lose money, that's his problem. But yeah, I hope I don't wind up with Tamundo and Hasan Sas, not that they're bad players, but they are just maybe a bit too expensive. Plus I brought Adu over and there's also Govou and Essien, so I'm fine at AMC for the future.


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I hate the chairman implementation, that's why I still stick with 5.0.2. There weren't enough big changes in the new patch, and no changes in the match engine.


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hey guys,

i'm looking for a mid-table club with a few decent players with the potential to push higher up the league with a transfer budget between £5-10mill. Preferably not in the Spanish or Italian leagues.

Anyone know of any?



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I tend to get bored quite quickly with top teams where you can sign anybody that you want. It's fun for about a season for me, mainly due to the ability (as ShiftyPowers mentioned) to buy anybody. That soon wears off though. Soon the '30 games without conceeding' or whatever it is soon sets in, watching matches is pretty dull cause you know you'll win and within five years you've won so much that you've made Bob Paisley look like Graham Souness on heroin. Dull.

I prefer an utterly crap team and the challenges that come along with it. You really have to hunt around the grass roots level to find players that A) will play for you and B) you can afford. Discovering a lower league version of Tevez or Cavenaghi becomes so rewarding then.

You also have to really work on your tactics to get results. The tactics that I built which won me everything with Liverpool and Valencia were utterly hopeless in my current game at the mighty Torquay, as were tactics from others which I downloaded to experiment with. A tactic that saw ShiftyPowers utterly dominate at Bayern saw my side thrashed more times than an S&M junkie.
It has taken me two seasons to build a decent team and a tactic which works for it and takes into account the full scale of it's feebleness. I am now finally top of the table and looking almost certain to get promoted in my third season in charge. That is so much more realistic and rewarding IMO than buying the same 'supersquad' as everybody else does and winning a Champions League final 5-0 in your first season. To summarise, in choosing a team I look for a team with:

1. A chairman that makes Scrooge look like Roman Abramovich.
2. A team full of retards or failing that ex-Rotherham players. (just kiddin' Tom.)
3. No Money
4. Poor reputation
5. Long odds for Promotion and/or an expectation to be relegated.
6. A pretty coloured kit.


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After that inspirational speech i've decided to take control of my local team Crawley in the Conference :p


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Bayern are my favorite team, usually when I take control of Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, or whatever I just can't even last a month. Bayern is different though, that's my team.