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La Liga pack

Hi guys,

I announced it a few days and now it's time for the release of the La Liga pack with all 20 stadiums updated. At first I want to thank Daniel because he did a outstanding work to prepare these stadiums. I only removed the advertising around the field, added realistic carpets (thanks to Nomit for almost every grafiphic file), deleted the ambulance, changed some surroundings and fixed other small things. Also I updated the EA stadiums but like I already said Estadio Mestalla and Estadio Santiago Bernabeu must be released as File Server version because the normal version is crashing at daytime. I want to thank also eafh for his great version of the Camp Nou. I only added the advertising around the field. Enough of talking, here are some screenshots: 2018-04-10 10-05-16.png 2018-04-10 10-05-27.png 2018-04-10 12-11-24.png 2018-04-10 12-11-32.png 2018-04-10 12-11-52.png 2018-04-10 12-28-31.png 2018-04-10 12-29-39.png 2018-04-10 15-45-28.png 2018-04-11 10-07-37.png 2018-04-11 10-08-01.png 2018-04-11 10-08-33.png 2018-04-11 11-58-51.png 2018-04-11 11-59-31.png 2018-04-11 11-59-42.png 2018-04-12 10-42-25.png 2018-04-12 10-42-33.png 2018-04-12 10-42-43.png 2018-04-12 11-27-51.png

More screenshots and download

Enjoy the stadiums and I take a break now.

If you like my work, please donate:

@The Wizard you can restore the link to download these stadiums? please :-)


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Premier League Stadium Updates by Nisoley

Hi all,

you haven't heard from me for a long time and I still have some time challenges, but I'll try to release some updates in the future. Today I have a few stadiums from the Premier League for you.

Elland Road - EA version

I didn't really adjust much here, but I did fix the lighting bug, the pitch is now correct.


Etihad Stadium - EA version

I also fixed the lighting bug here. Also a thank you to @gonzaga , because I took the adboards from the second row and the dressing from his FIFA 14 version.


King Power Stadium - EA version

Here I have only inserted the blue carpet. As a basis I have used the work of @eafh.


London Stadium - EA version

Here I have added the purple carpet, the West Ham lettering and the logo. As base I used the stadium from FIFA Online 4, which has the best quality.


Selhurst Park - EA version

Here I added the blue carpet, also new sponsors and again the work of @eafh was the basis.


If there are other Premier League stadiums that need an update, please let me know!


Sorry for asking, it is just copy file -> replace & regenerate?

PreZero Arena (EA) - TSG Hoffenheim:

- Fixed missing banners

Red Bull Arena (EA) - RB Leipzig:

- Inserted "RB Leipzig Bulls" and Red Bull Sponsoring 16 Screenshot 2020.04.17 - 16 Screenshot 2020.04.17 -

Please download again!
Whatever version I download, my red bull arena always crashes on loading screen, any help?


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Here is San Siro from Switch uploaded (glares are not for 16).

And here is an edition by Raven/Verdun that I use now

Please San Siro SWITCH 22 + 1XBET sponsor on the grass?


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FIFA 23 Switch Stadiums

Hi all,

it's that time of the year again: the new FIFA is released and we get new things for FIFA 16. of course this year again the new stadiums. Thanks to @mita996 for the upload! A few things in front:

1. the glare files are missing for all stadiums (except Allianz Stadium (Juventus) and Estadio Jose Zorilla (here I don't know if it's an update at all). We need help to finish these stadiums!
2. I would recommend you to use the version from my first post for the Allianz Stadium, because it's not a real update.
3. No requests! If you need a stadium, you can download all files in @mita996's thread.

La Bombonera - Boca Juniors


Allianz Stadium - Juventus Turin


Estadio José Zorrilla - Real Valladolid


Estadio El Sadar - CA Osasuna


Europa-Park Stadion - SC Freiburg


Gtech Community Stadium - FC Brentford


Banc of California Stadium - Los Angeles FC


Philips Stadion - PSV Eindhoven


Manchester City Academy Stadium - Manchester City Women


Oktigann Park - Generic EA Stadium


Longville Stadium - Generic EA Stadium