The Wolf Furry Evolution Patch 0.5 - PES4 PC


Youth Team
Great to see a patch so fast! Looking forward to the complete option file with all the right names and transfers!!

Just a quick Q for now:

Is it possible to continue an existing Master League after putting in a new option file, or do you have to start all over again?


Youth Team
Well it didn't work for me. Went to extract the file and had 3 corrupt files in it.
Is there anywhere else to download this now?

OK managaed to repair archive but still the 0_text.afs file is always corrupt.

Joja Kozara

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Originally posted by Arraso
Someone tests the game online with this patch please :)

I was play online with this patch. Flags and boots a fine but club names didnt (save file dont work online, just AFS working). So we need change teams and rosters names in AFS file like in PES3 if we want to have original rosters in online playing.

btw Wolf, u can change roster names in AFS folder, if u want help i can, jus give me
editor for PES4 if u have it. For PES3 and WE7I that will be WEEditor 1.2 but dont work on PES4.


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one of the reasons i went with the pc version this year(havent got it yet mind you:f***: )was because of the great things i heard about wolfs patches


Youth Team
Doesnt' work for me!:(

I replaced the original files by the Wolf's but now the game can't load when I launch it...what should I do?


Starting XI
Originally posted by vian
can some1 upload the file here
adn then paste the link in this topic?
it would have no sense coz after 10 downloads it would deissapear and nobody will be uploading 400 Mb all week every few hours to everybody could get it...

what about lomungtung server Wolf? it's free and had no-uploads limits if you'll have spoke with admin and it's 1000x better than crappy torrent (I'm unable to get it with 1 kb/s :/


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nice patch dude.
I just installed it. Have u inproved the gameplay as well? It plays a lot better now. could also be the variaty of pes4 gameplay :D
didn't u change the dutch national names?


Youth Team
Wolf... Thanks for patch..

Do you upload to ftp or http ??
torrent is downloading 1.2 kb :)

and could you make game as slower than now ??
any chances ??


Reserve Team
I would luv to try this patch, but unfortunately no one is seeding it :(

Any help would be appreciated.