TheSeason plugin (Change starting year) for FIFA 07 and FIFA 08


This plugin gives an ability to change starting year in the game.
Works with FIFA 07 (1.1/5'242'880bytes) and FIFA 08 (1.0/6'255'718bytes, 1.2/2'656'256bytes)

fifa07 0074.png fifa07 0076.jpg FIFA08 0083.png

Download in attachment.

How to install:
1) Install plugin loader: for FIFA 07 / for FIFA 08
2) copy "plugins" folder from .zip to your game folder.

Edit plugins/season.ini in Notepad in if you want to change the starting year.

More information on the wiki:


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@Dmitri sorry for off-topic but didn’t you had any remasterd FIFA 07 topic somewhere here on the forum? I can’t find it anymore and was wondering how the progress was going.