TheWickets personal world cup mod, all kind of graphics


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Mali kits are ready!


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Hello! TheWickets can you upload small size crest logo because I try re-size crest logo the image is very fuzzy.
Thank you!


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I want create a personal world cup mod every FIFA, I will work every year on first 70's nations of real setember FIFA ranking. I will post kits, flags, stadium dressing textures free to download.
I will use UCL kick/off to create my mod. Feel free to download some of my staff for your mods and would be great get community help to solve some mod issues.

Common images for kits
Ghana HD kits 2020-21
Nigeria HD kits 2020-21
Mali HD kits 2019-21

World Cup 2022 HD ball
World Cup 2022 training bibs

First screens:

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Center flag and FIFA logo guys.

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Some stadium dressing and training bibs with Qatar'22 logo.

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I'm decided to add refeere womans to competition. Is possible but Gender need to be male to work...

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Xavi will be the Qatar's manager in my world cup. I want every national team with a manager with face if I have time. Drogba for Ivory Coast, Eto'o for Cameroon etc

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I tested about use female managers too :)

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Congo DR HD kits test.

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World Cup Archway and new flags.

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Crests style Qatar'22 and shirt badges.
Do you make the new archway and table by using blender?