This is one of my works.


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I only made these faces for fun purposes, I did not intend to steal at fifa 14 to make money, I saw the fifa 14 forum still exciting but fifa 16 was too quiet so I wanted to do something for the brothers. just connected don't listen to all of that, we love what you doing, thank you for the faces

can you convert him to fifa 15? I would really appreciate it @Wyld4w5


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Я делал эти рожи только для забавы, я не собирался воровать на ФИФА 14, чтобы заработать деньги, я видел, что форум ФИФА 14 все еще интересен, но ФИФА 16 была слишком тихой, поэтому я хотел сделать что-нибудь для братьев. только что подключен
Continue to make faces brother, preferably those who have not yet been made by the makers, young players of top teams, and we will always support you! And the request to spread it right under the face is easier and better ... success !!!


Jamal Musiala


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can you share link of all your face you made till now ?? we are eagerly waiting for the download link. By the way keep up the good work. cheers and thanks