Tips and Tricks thread


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you shouldn't post 2 Mb gif in tags, some ppl still use modems, some has slow connetction, some has limited bandwidth etc.
direct link like with second gif is much better way to show it

first move is great, I saw Ronaldinho passed in that way twice


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Tips and Tricks thread

Hallo to anyone
please post here only tips,tricks and everything about first touch


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i will post the first!!

1) SHIFT + D (down Arrows) or SHIFT + U (down Arrows)
2)when the player goes from left to right just press shift + L (left Arrows)
3) i am not sure but i thing that if you press shift L,D,R OR shift L,U,R Player make 360o Move. can anyone confirm that?


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i have a question
when i just press shift (and nonthing else) player make a classic move but the defenders always steals me!
must i press something then or what?
i think you can anderstand me!


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for peple who can not anderstand what i mean i post a photo with trick i said before
when i do this the defender steals me can anyone help me?


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Together with some other controls its already in the suport / controls thread:

chip shot (Q+D)

Manual through balls (Q+S)


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I have two things that I still can't get hold of properly.
I'm playing on world class.

1) Headers. It's real pain in the arse. Especially defensive headers. CPU's mostly scoring against me via headers to whom I'm absolutely vulnerable. It seems that cpu players is just predetermined to always win all the high balls in my box. I've tried all the buttons, but mostly I try to clear the ball via shoot button. Also I tried both, just bashing the button furiously or trying to get the right timing for the jump and push it only onece. No use. Cpu wins those crucial headers 90% of the time. As if my player wouldn't be there at all.

2) I think this one is dependent on unavailability to change tactics and formations in demo, but it's quite oftenly happens that cpu makes through balls or just plain pases to player somewhere on the edge of penalty area and he's completely unmarked and I can't do anything about it. I mean, I defend well when it's up to me, but I can't do anything about AI's controlled defenders on my team. They are loosing coordination and placement so often and I can't do anything about it.:f***:

Any hints?