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This thread will be used to help you in your battle against CM, whether it be battling relegation or a mounting wage bill. Anything posted in this forum may be edited or deleted if it is not considered relevent to the subject.



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Thanks to marc_angelus for this

Originally posted by marc_angelus
In CM4 and CM03/04, i've found quite a few ways to play dirty with the teams and players in order to get what you want, here are the tricks i've found:

1) Stopping another club from signing a star player

When the transfer window is open, check your rival's "future transfers in" page every day to find out who they've made offers for. If you find Arsenal have made a bid for Raul or Ronaldo, or someone equally as good, go right ahead and match their offer. Then if their offer is accepted, yours will be too. Next, make sure you offer the player silly money, to make sure your contract offer is better than the other clubs'. If all goes according to plan, the player will accept your contract and refuse the other clubs offer. Now, just select "Delay" to delay the transfer by a week, and then a week later, cancel the transfer! Repeat this as many as you can be bothered, and eventually the other club will change transfer targets.

2) Signing staff who don't want to join

When you try and sign a scout or coach who already has a job, quite often you will be told that "it would take a very large contract offer for him to even consider agreeing terms" which is the game's way of telling you haven't really got a chance of signing that member of staff. This isn't really true however, as it's possible to trick your board into allowing you a stupidly high wage for the staff member. To do this, make an offer to sign the scout or coach with the job of Assistant Manager, and a really low wage they would never accept. Then, once they reject your offer, click on their name in the News and immediately offer them a new contract as Coach or Scout, and you should notice that the wage budget has changed to that of Assistant Manager, which is usually many times higher than scout or coach! Make sure you offer them a 5 year contract though, because when the contract expires, you can't renew it, as the board will be back to allowing the correct amount again. (You can get around this though, by signing them as Assistant Manager, then a week later, signing them as coach or scout again!)

3) Reducing the wage bill

When it comes to negotiating wages for a new signing, or renewing the contract of a player already in the squad, you might find it useful to reduce the wage bill, so that you are not restricted by the board on future transfers. The best way of doing this is by offering a player the maximum appearance fee possible, and reducing their wage offer by the same amount. Most players will accept this offer. If you want to maximise the appearance bonus, offer the player a really poor contract with the status of "Key Player", so you know they will reject, then immediately offer them another contract, and the appearance bonus will allow you to go up to about £20k a week instead of 5k-10k.

4) Part Exchange deals

If you want to sign a player, but don't have the necessary cash, try offering a 16 or younger years old player as part exchange, as many of these youngsters (Freddy Adu is a prime example) are worth about £8million even when they are 14 years old. If the club accepts, you are free to sign that young player right back on a free transfer, as players below 17 cannot sign pro contracts!!

5) Signing a star for free

If a star player is coming towards the end of his contract, say he has a year left, wait till the transfer window closes, then offer his club the most money you can afford for the player, so that they accept the offer. This will stop his club from offering him a new contract, so just before the window re-opens, cancel the transfer offer, and hopefully 6 months will have passed, meaning that the player is now available on a free transfer!!

Post any dirty tricks you've discovered!!


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This might be a good one:

Use the collective mind, also known as the Players Forum, and get other managers' opinions on players you are interested in, or to find players that could help you :)

I know it's already there on the front page, but not everyone seems to be visiting. ;)


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A good tip: when offering contracts for players who are a bit above your signing level, offer them the maximum yearly wage rise, and reduce the time on contract to just one season, when his contract is on 6 months to expire(if you've built a good relationship with the player and are in good league form), his expectations on a contract will be more considerate your finances, and you won't have to pay the 25% increase.


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Dirty trick: If you don't want to sell a player, and don't want to make them unhappy by cancelling offers for them, negotiate the deal, and ask stupendous amounts for them. The other team will cancel the offer for you. (H)


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Everytime I get unhappy players who think they're being treated unfairly or something, i just drop em in the U19's for a few weeks, that sorts them out.


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If you want to be up to date with all the big transfers in your CM world, then go to your player and staff search, and add all the big players ie. value 8million pounds + value to your shortlist. If you save your shortlist once, then you will not have to do it for new games, just load the list. It might take 10 minutes, but you will be notified of any offers for players that you might like to know about. You may not necessarily want to buy a big player, but if another club is getting him for a bargain, you might want to also.

You might get quite a large shortlist but that should not be a problem. My 03/04 shortlist is 450 odd players, my CM4 had just over a thousand.....;) :p


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Sign players on a free even if u have no room for them and then just sell them for cash during the January transfer window.

I make boat loads like this playing with Real Madrid since all the players want to sign with Real. Then I sell them for millions 4 months later.

Also use first options to **** other teams over. I took out a first option on Tevez and then whenever someone bids for hiim I enact my first option, have him agree to a contract and then just cancel the deal when the transfer window opens.

My first option is about to run out now so I will probably buy him now. Although my first option agreement was for 11 million euros and I am pretty sure I can flip hiim for 20 million euros now at least.


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Also declare ur interest in players a yr or so before their contracts they become unsettled and don't resign with their clubs.

I am a few months from seeing Reyes's contract expire....all that work unsettling him will pay off now.


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Everytime the tranfer window closes use the player search to find all the players with Expiring contracts. If there is anyone you want you can sign them on a free in the next window just so long as they accept the contract you offer them.

Also check now and then on the player search for any players with unprotected contracts, wait until they are over the age of 23 and purchase them for a small some of money.

There are some very good players, usually in the South American leagues who are young and for their age, have high minimum release clauses, but for their value in the future these numbers are very low. You can pay a little more now for a garunteed signing (be weary of work permits) and have a massive investment on your hands.

Once you sign a big egotist that wants a big contract cut into your transfer budget and offer your new big signings another contract with a nice signing on fee as to reduce their wage. By repeating this you can cut wages from 90kpw to 30kpw.

Some, not all, scouts make very good coaches. Check your scouts, they might be wasting away in their current positions.

Always keep an eye on the youth of the top 6 or so clubs in your league, they usually have bargain players who will develop in a few years into gods.

If a big name player appears as a free transfer sign him. He will cost you no more than the wages you are paying him and now, you belongs to you, you can sell him off and make a garunteed profit!


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Fernandez, your wish is my command :p

Look for Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential, however, as well as these, you should look for Adaptability and Motivation because they will have to go to different countries/regions to search for players for long stretches of time.

  • Good Man Management - Every coach needs to be able to communicate to his players, having this should make the players get on better with him.
  • A sound Tactical Knowledge - Every coach needs to have this, it not only affects their ability to manage a team but also helps him decide what training will suit the current formation etc.
  • Good Adaptability IF they are foreign to that country, if not then it doesnt matter.
  • Good Determination - Pretty simple really, the coach has to have the work rate to help your players 24/7, there's no point having a coach who doesn't at all care about his job as your players won't improve nearly as much.
  • Good Working With Youngsters - For the younger members (Under 24) this is crucial, however for over 24's this isn't as important.
  • A decent level of Discipline - Especially at top/aspiring clubs this is very important, your players need to know who's boss, while this isn't as important as some other it is still useful to have 12+ for all coaches in this area.
  • Good Motivation - VERY important, without this your players won't want to improve, your coach needs to inspire your players with tales of brilliance to make them want to improve, very important for all coaches.
  • Reputation - Not as important as Sports Interactive would have us believe...
However: above all these (for coaches) is either Coaching Goalkeepers or Coaching Outfield players, you should be looking at 16+ for these areas, easily the most important.

For Assistant Managers, you're looking for similar traits to that of a coach (as that's where they will have started off anyway) but for this position, it is very important they have a great Tactical Knowledge, probably of 16+. It's also a good idea to have one, with high Judging Player Ability/Potential, as they often voice their opinions on players' training habits and players YOU want to buy.

Hope this helped


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but when i looked at it after it said at the bottom, "edited by Ruud etc" it was NOT in a list form :confused: :confused:



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I am sure you people know this cheat for CM4 but in case someone doesn't ,here it goes:

If you wanna sign ANY player with ANY club (that can afford his wages ,tho) ,bid 50 million Euros for him.
There are few players worth more so if you are not trying to sign someone ridiculously expensive ,the offer should be accepted.
Then click on Offer Contract and when you get to the screen where you negotiate contract details ,click on the player's name in the upper left corner of the screen ,where it says for example "Larsson is not interested in a move to Barcelona".
When you get to the player's profile ,click on Action and then click the Change Bid option.Now reduce the 50m offer to anything you want (even 0 euros works) ,and offer that.
Now simply click the back arrow until you return to the original Contract negotiation.Offer him a nice contract and if he accepts ,the game will confuse the 50m and the zero offer and you will sign a world class players for free.

It doesn't work on CM0304.I tried.


I think this is the best cheat of all.Too bad it only works on 4.