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Grafsky;3547298 said:
Thnx.Awesome. What about collar? may be post it on yours kits?)

Yea I'll start writing the collar number :) On Wigan it's collar 7 on home kit, away and third kit 11, gk kits 7.


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AS ROMA 3rd kit Please !


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Please make Borussia Dortmund kit ?
I know that have been created by many other makers, but I'd love to have your kit in my fifa..




Champions League:

I thanks you very much !!


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Hey Tonce!
Can you please make the tottenham third kit for fifa 13 ???
Its gonna be released friday, but it has already been leaked.

The pics are below. It was leaked with a fifa app.
So just make sure the hp logo is white ... other then that all the same.
BTW, the third kit shorts were leaked earlier this summer. The shorts are gonna be same as the away kit's shorts.

Thanks again!