top 5 MUST BUY players?


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i got him this season for free :p i play him at LCB, works very well. currently he is my second choice team. partner pique at center and spector took left and vanden borre took right. no problems at all :p

u sure got a good youth setup..:p


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I'm not having much success with Kompany. Valencia's doing what Inter did.

He's 22M euros at 25.Is he worth the money?

I've got 105M euros to spend so I can buy virtually anyone.But I got there by not paying ridiculous amounts so I wouldn't wanna give 30M for a player who isn't worth it...

Do you think he's worth it, ngyc?


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Kompany was awsome for me just gave him some regular first team football then after 2-3 seasons hes one of the best CB's in the game. Well if you get him at the start anyway.


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I got Kily Gonzalez for 2 million € from Inter at the start of the 2nd season, only 20k € a week. Great buy IMO.

Also Opdam is a great defender, while he doesnt cost that much.


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For a club with only a bit of money ( Norwich or something ) these are the 5 best buys.

1. Phillip Mulryne : For about 3 seasons Mulryne is very useful in midfeild. Perfect passes. About 500,000 pounds

2. Materazzi : From inter. He cost about 1,000,000 pounds and was experienced in defense for about 1 season but his performance fades in the next few years. 1st year - First team 2nd year - Reserves 3rd year - Sack him (H)

3. Amoruso : Only if u raise him well will he be really useful.Start him in the first team in the first season .He may make a few mistakes but he learns from it and in the 2nd season he is a first class defender for about 2 years : Costs 350,000

4. Scowcroft : U buy him from Leicester for about 100,000 pounds. If u buy him early in your career he will spark in the midfeild

5. Robbie Savage in his last years : He may not like your offer at first but when his about 35-36 then he will com on a free maybe. He is pretty good in the first team for a year or so

These are really good players for clubs like Leicester, Crystal Palace, Norwich, Sunderland, Sheffield United and stuff


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Christoffer Andersson of Lillestrom.
Very versatile and has amazing stats. Cost about 1 million pounds. He's going to be an FM legend.

Another one is Daniel Fredheim Holm. Only 19 and costs only 975k


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1. Daniel Bierofka
2. David Odonkor
3. Anthony Vanden Borre (Because he's young, cheap and can do more than 1 position)
4. Mokoena
5. Javier Mascherano (A bit expensive though)


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Williams Finelli is a brilliant young midfielder, who can be bought for pretty cheap ( 675k his first team got him for at the beggining of the game ) i cant remember where hes originally from though...


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I just have a Question when I'm signing contracts my Assistant manager believes that player is not going to be anything but a fringe player at my club

should I trust him and don't make the trade or is it just BS ?


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Those advises aren't always reliable, but could be. If you're buying the player for a weak spot in the team, you could take the risk and sign him anyway. If you have scouted him, take the scouting report, and the scout's abilities, into consideration as well.