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can you add kitset without sponsors badge please?


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Should i keep creating clubs kitpacks or should i start with WC22 national teams?
New adidas kits finally looks awesome but also looks like lot of work.
I definitely would love it if you start with the WC22 kits.
Hopefully you can do the nike-kits too. I started with it and it’s challenging!


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Wow I've been away for a while and... Wow look at what I've missed!
Your kits are absolutely insane, thank you!


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Sorry Guys, but i`m working 12h a day right now so sorry that i don`t responding.


I can`t promise You that i will do Ajax, but i will keep it in my mind. A lot of kits to do and now all WC 22 kits came out so Ajax is not my priority.

JJ Wind

I will share Nike template after i finish the Authentic Nike kits, because i work slowly and i don`t want to people release kit with my template before me:) Nike authentic is mine!:P
Argentina is not done yet, i made only jersey to try how it will look like.
Argentina play against Poland in world cup so You can be sure that will be one of first WC22 kitset i will release:)

Wilfried Gaucher

You have to be more specific:)

Inter home, away and GK is done...waiting for 3rd


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Voleck you are a master, can I ask you when you release a guest kit, make a European one in pale colors.


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Relax, buddy. I made my Nike like yours. I just copied your work and it took me a lot of time and concentration. You did everything from scratch. I perfectly understand how long it took you. I will not make this template available to everyone. P.S. Maybe you don't mention me in one of your posts.