Total Football in FIFA 19?


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Hello guys
Is it possible in some way? Ive been trying to accomplish Total Football, but it seems impossible in this year's game.. Doesnt matter how many formations, tactics, tricks I try, its just impossible..

Ive tried atleast 50+ different formations and tactics combinations, spent hours of figuring out player instructions, even tried to boost my players' stats to 99..

I played with different sliders, longer halves (10-15 mins) but im nearly giving it up
I found out that 6 min halves are just not enough because if you focus on keeping the ball(70-80% possession), you just cant get more than 9-10 shots / game.. with 10-15 mins halves it seems a bit more effective, but still cant control the game.

The key is on getting the ball back as fast as possible... but the way AI plays is just fucked up.. lets avoid the fact of EAids's existence, it just doesnt matter how big the pressure is, the AI distrupts the whole press of 4-5 players with a simple pass... you are trying to play rondo with the enemy, yet you end up being the suffered half, because you cant even get the ball..

Also the situation where everytime theres a cleared out ball or a corner and 9 times out of 10 the AI comes with a counterattack coz their players always manage to get the ball is just frustrating... but of course, this one is related to gameplay

I tried to improve my defensive abilities, played around with both Legacy & Tactical defending, also been using the RB all the time to put as much pressure on the enemy as possible, but its just hopeless...

I made tests with all 3 tactics with pressure (Pressure on Heavy Touch, Pressure after Possession Lost, and Constant Pressure) and after all I think the most ideal tactic is (obviously)the Constant Pressure... BUT, its completely fucked up... atleast in my opinion...
The stamina is the least problem (coz with Aranaktu's CT I can just use the infinite fitness script and thats all.. it makes the game so unrealistic yeah, but at this point I dont even care about the realism anymore) but the tactic itself is incredibly unrealistic... how you come to the fact that a 60 rated CB is surrounded by six 99 rated players, yet the defender passes the ball out of the press between the 5 attackers with a simple ground pass? Its just unreal..
And this happens even on the easiest difficulty, so its not a problem related to the CPU

All my biggest achieves are usual 70% possession with 10-15 shots and winning 2-0 which make me disappointed, hopeless after spending that much time in testing...

Ive been also playing around with many gameplay mods such as Supernova's, Fidel's dbs and locale.inis also sliders without luck although I didnt bother to test them for more than few hours, coz im so impatient and hopeless..

Also im not sure about the in-match tactics. Attacking full backs, Team Press, Overload Ball Side, Extra Striker are all on, but they seem so ineffective, it seems like they make the current situation worse.. but to be honest havent done that much tests with those tactics.. Is it even worth using them?

Anyone has experience about this and can give me any tips or such?
Thanks in advance

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