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please do you make this scoreboard bro


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Hi,nikolapfc89, man. Where can I find the world cup Leaderboard and popups for the classic patch I made for myself. I gave up finding it separately. I guess I won't be able to do that, but at least in general is it possible to find a popup for old world trophies. By the way, I'm still grateful for the TV logo you taught me, my friend.

Sebastian Jangebring

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SWEDEN - Allsvenskan [scoreboard, popups, intro and tv logo]

Here is updated Allsvenskan. Redownload

Download -

Time to work on Ekstraklasa. It has totaly new graphic and font. Unfortunately changing font i really cant make it work.
Also it would be awesome that someone make scoreboard with logos like this

Also league have new logo and graphic

New link for the Allsvenskan one please!


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the tv logo assigned in the overlay_9105 appears in every game. friendly or premier league or bundesliga...

is it possible to name a overlay for tv logo which only appears in premier league games??? and in all other games a different overlay?!


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please do you make this scoreboard bro

Here is first version i did. I hope i can find time to update it. It contain popups also.

TURKEY Superlig 2020/21 BETA