Transformers 7.4.7


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watch the trailer.... looks like a really good one, made 'seriously' which is a good thing coz I was afraid they couldn't make a serious movie out of 'The Transformers' materials, and were gonna resort to the cheesy old Batman-style movies :)

Looking forward to it a lot :)

I had all their transforming toys when I was a kid, uptill they were stolen in the Iraqi invasion... along with my dad's car.. which seemed less important to me at the time :)

EDIT: Steven Speilberg is on top of the executive producers list! Interesting.


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I'm gonna admit, im positively wetting myself over a Transformers movie. And if it has parts of the original 1986 soundtrack, then ill physcially wet myself over, and over again.

But to make a trailer out of the Beagle 2 **** (H) Hilarious!


I dont know. this teaser didnt do it for me (:/)

and about Spielberg being on top of the producers. remember the last time Spielberg and Michael Bay teamed up? The Island. I personally loved it but audiences overall didnt :(


the bloke who's writing it also wrote Catwoman and The Core... that's not good.


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Michael Bay directed this movie ! :corn:

I need to see more a full trailer instead of the teaser though. didn't expect Transformers could be brought out into a movie...:o


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Virgo said:
the bloke who's writing it also wrote Catwoman and The Core... that's not good.

Not good at all. Hopefully, in a movie like this one, he'll just choose a really good original Transformers story and make it into a movie, with less writing to do.

And if Micheal Bay makes it anything like the air-ground combat scenes of "Pearl Harbor", the tension of "The Rock" or the action of "Bad Boyz II" then PERFECT.


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it reminded me of the font and dubious directing of the War of the Worlds trailer mixed with the "their war" text of Alien vs Predator.

A diabolical mix. Oh well, it's Transformers so how bad can it be :D


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I never knew the transformers were from mars. Robots on mars bent on destroying the world... works for me. My new standards for movies are much lower than the use to be, this is like the fat chick of movies. Imagine if some people actually line up for this like the star wars movie from weeks in advance all dressed up like characters... dressed up like transformers. I'd go by and just laugh at them.... I'm such a Carlos*ass.


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Looks like a bit of both..... The good robots will loose their empire on Mars and come to earth and become friends with us while the bad robots, who are planning to conquer galaxy, will invade earth and the good robots teamed up with us will defend earth. I am the writer now go home! :bob:

Independance Day was classic. (H)