Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...


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OMg, i know how to do the last trick in the trailer!!!!!!!! Here is what u do, it works for pc, and other systems i think. First u do the rainbow, like with ronaldihno. Then u pull the right analog stick exactly the opposite of the direction the ball goes in. This should make ur player kick it over his head. Repeat this 1 or 2 times more, and when u get the position u like, SHOOT!!!


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(not all mind u, just the simpler ones)
Lane Change:
Hold Shift + up then left or
Hold Shift + up then right (depends on direction u would like to go to)
Controller: Up then swing to either left or right (90 degree) on trick stick

Side ways dribble:
C and a direction
Controller: R2

The step-over:
Shift twice or end key
Controller: up twice on trick stick

Ball Lift:
Shift + Up down up
Controller: up down up on trick stick

Drag back:
Shift + down down (may depends on direction)
Controller: down down on trick stick

Standing Step Over:
Shift + Up Up (may depends on direction)
Controller: up up on trick stick

Fake Step Over:
Shift + left left or right right (may depend on direction)
Controller: left left or right right on trick stick

The standing step over and knock on
Shift: Left then right or right then left (may depend on direction)
Controller: left then right or right then left on trick stick

Drag back and flick:
Shift+ down then left or right
Controller": down then swing to left or right (90 degree) on trick stick

Shift + right down left (semi circle on keys)
Controller semi circile on trick stick

Finese Shot: Z+D
Chip Shot: C+D
shot D.... lol


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Here is my share of tricks that i have learned from others and found out myself...

Heel Flip(bringing the ball from behind to front over the head)
Keyboard - while running, let go of all directions and then press hold shift and then press back, up, front and let go of shift.(player runnin from left to right). must be fluent in pressing the keys....(like doing special moves in fighting games like Tekken5, Street Fighter etc.)

Gamepad - just rotate the trick stick from back to up to front.(depending on the players direction)

C. Ronaldo's dash and change ball direction thingy.(actually i dont know the name of the trick)
Keyboard - While running, press and hold shift and then quickly tap back and then again quickly tap down or up and release shift.

Gamepad - quickly tap back and then downor up on the trick stick. pretty easy on the game pad.(after tapping back, release and then tap down or up or the trick might not work)

Rabona - on the keyboard it becomes easy to do it but on the gamepad might need some practice.

Keyboard - keep moving with the ball to a direction say RIGHT.... while on the move release the right key, and then quickly tap right and release again , and then hit the up key and quickly tap the cross button.. (i cant do it all the time on the keyboard, also this was shown in some youtube video and not my discovery)

Gamepad - keep moving with the ball to a direction say RIGHT.... while on the move release the right direction, and then quickly tap right and release again , and then hit the up direction and quickly tap the cross button( this one is meant to be done with the left analog stick. which moves the player, not the trick stick)

i had a few more but its already posted in this thread so i will skip them :)

most proper tutorials can be found in youtube, but some of them dont explain how to do them, just want to show they can do them.....

forgot to mention, on the keyboard, when the "C" key is pressed after shooting, the ball will curl to the RIGHT, and when the "Z" key is pressed, the ball curls to the left. this is not meant for free kicks, but can be done while doing a sprint and shoot tactic. also the key Z or C has to be pressed down..
on the gamepad, the shoulder buttons L and R can be used to curl the ball Left and Right respectively. gamepad R= Pace Control and L= Cancel/Dummy Move...


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Neo20007 said:
how do u do the rabona with a gamepad, and how do u shoot with it?

Ther has to be precise timing and direction on the gamepad. especially if you are using analog sticks. the rabona doesnt need the trick stick at all. Its done using the movement sticks. Anyways, here goes>>>>>>>>>>>.

First, run to the right of the pitch. And then while the player is in motion, quickly, tap right and then hold up and lightly tap the cross button.

>>>player running>>>>tap right>release|hold up/\ tap cross button (A).

can be done in any direction, but you will have to be very very good at controls. The mandatory move is to tap forward(depending on which side player is facing) and then hold up or down then TAP cross(dont power up).

It might be possible to shoot using the Shoot button instead of Cross, but i havent been succesful in doing it so far.


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Neo20007;2248236 said:
cool, also is there a good move with a gamepad, which gets u past defenders easily?

hmmmmm..........different skilled players can have different moves. but the most reliable one is the "step over move" i think. but you can experiment with other moves as well. different situations might call for different moves. anyways, you can tap the trick stick up and down quickly to do the step over.

If you are very good, do double step overs by pressing forward and then rotating the stick upward and again rotating it forward and then downward. have to be fairly quick. if its ronaldinho doing this, he will perform the "Elastico" move(hope i got the name right). rooney does his own variation, other skilled players do their variations.

one rock solid move you can do with C. Ronaldo is the dash and change lane trick. Simply tap trick stick back (depending which way player is facing) and tap down or up. easy to beat head on coming defenders with this.

if defender chasing you frm behind and is almost about to catch you, try the heel flip. i posted the method above.

and when golie charges and you are either slightly above or below his path, do the step over eiher way whichever seems more safe.

Now the craziest one of all. I could do this only 70% of the time. use any good dribbler, and anticipate a tacle or slide. When you can see the defender is about to tackle, tap the trick stick towards the defender. your player will do an impressive dodge. the dodge performed is random and depends on the situation. once a defender slided towards ronaldinho and in cofusion i tapped the trick stick and ronaldinho flicked the ball over the sliding defender and jumped over hiim.

there ya go, hope this much info helps you out a bit.

oh yeah one question, which gamepad are you using ?


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i see, thx, although my trick stick is kind of funky, for example i do the rainbow by rolling it from left to right like this (left-up-right) idk why, but also my other moves are weird to do with it

and im using a nyko airflow gamepad, but i made it so my computer thinks its a rumblepad from logitech


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no probs. happy to help.

i am using the xbox 360 gamepad. been lookin for the 360 fifa 07, but its not in the stores here anymore. was sold out and i missed it n now im pulling my hair out. love the independent ball physics in 360.


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I got FIFA 07 on ps2 for my birthday yesterday, and i got one problem.. On cornerkicks my defenders (Ramage, Bramble, Moore, Taylor) stays behind while dwarfs like Dyer, Owen, Martins, Duff is in the can i get my strong defenders in the box, this would triple my chances scoring on corner...glad for help:)


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Look here if ur using a joypad or ps2:

This is for signature moves like the elastico, or C.Ronaldo's signature thing:

Ok, when you are running with your player, let's say it's Ronaldinho, have the trick stick held down. Next, rotate the stick either left or right (to where the trick stick is pointed directly left or directly right), and then rotate it back down (to the original position). If you're running right then you would rotate it right and if you're running left you would rotate it left. Ronaldinho should pull off his signature elastico, C. Ronaldo pulls of his crazy quick multiple stepovers and cut out, and Robinho does his signature stepovers and cut as well.

If ur doing a rabona with a joypad i found an easy way. While running to the right tap the trick stick right once and tap the cross button. Much easier this way.


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i think u just do a chip shot which i forget how to do, but it should do the trick if the goalkeeper is retarded.

messi walcott

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I did sme like it 05. Sme when u press the arrow it does a flick ova his head. then u have to include the shot which is all about timing. tht was not a lob, it was shot tht dipped on the volley.


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Dudecrash;2255977 said:
Are there any fancy moves that can be done without the trick stick?

There is the "Rabona" trick which can be done without the trick stick. The methods are given in page 6 of this thread i think. check it out, Neo's tuts are good.

ANTONIO_ORTEGA;2258597 said:
I found it, I want to do this shot but cant find a way how to do it. Was it luck or do you have to press a certain button to do it.

that shot was possible because of the position, flight and path of the ball. try taping back, front, back on the trick stick. player flicks the ball in front of him. while the ball is in the air high enough as that on the video, try kicking it to the direction where the ball was travelling.


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Anyone know how to do a rabona goal? I have been trying for about 5 days and I can't even get a shot towards goal!!!!! Anyone know how to do a rabona goal.


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yeah i've done it, u run parallel to the goal with ronaldihno, then quickly press up then right and tap the cross button