[TUT] How to edit Manager


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It's time to cover manager editing. :)


Open your career save in RDBM and we can start.

If you don't see career files then you may need to switch this option from SquadFiles to CareerFiles:

Name & Nationality

Name and Nationality can be changed in career_users table (DB 1). There is only one record, so you don't need to spend much time on searching for your manager. I think it's obvious how to change the name. :) If you want to change nationality too then you need to edit nationalityid. Where to find the id?

In FIFA 20 IDs sheet or you can use the dropdown above column headers:

Head Model

To edit head model we need to find our manager in managers table (DB 2).

Most probably it will be last valid record there. You can also search for manager with managerid -> 9999 or by teamid.

To change headmodel I edit these fields in managers table:

  • managerid - Changing managerid will make it not possible to edit outfit in-game through Edit Manager, so if you plan to change your outfit then better do it before you start editing head model. I set this value to 99999, but you can use any id that is unique and ofc. it's not equal to 9999.
  • headassetid - All available head ids can be found in FIFA 20 IDs sheet (Head Models tab).
  • hashighqualityhead - I set this on 1
  • headclasscode - I set this on 0
  • headvariation (optional) - Some players got the same headassetid, but different variations of it. For sure icons, but there might be other players too. So, if you want to use icon head model like Ronaldinho, but not the baby one then set the headvariation to 1 or 2. I guess it's 0 for Baby, 1 for Middle and 2 for Prime. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

If you also want to change gender then you may want to edit these fields too:

  • gender - 0 - male, 1 - female.
  • bodytypecode - from 81 to 89 - male, 200 - female.

Head asset isn't affected by skintone color, so if you don't want to have Ronaldinho dark head with white hands then edit skintonecode field. IDs from 1 to 10 (I think), where 1 is very light and 10 is very dark.

After you are done, save the career in RDBM and load the file in game. The easiest way to verify the changes is enter the contract negotiation screen where your manager will appear. Many people make a mistake here and say it's not working because they try to verify the changes on Edit Manager screen. Well, as I said, if you edit managerid then you are not longer able to access your manager in Edit Manager in game.