Tutorial For Boot/Kit Making???


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I asked about this feature last year but didn't really get any response so here's hoping this year will be different.

I know a lot of very talented people like Mh25, Xuskan and alex_10 to name a few make some incredible boots etc but I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to do a step by step guide to show how they create a texture from scratch and then upload to youtube or something?

I can't be the only person who would benefit from this greatly.

I'm trying right now myself to make updated versions of the Nike R9 series (can only find 256x256) and maybe a few custom/concept boots that don't make it to market. As much as I appreciate the work everyone does, they get enough requests for the newest releases.

This may also improve the community in terms of alternative kits/ boot colourways!

Hopefully I haven't broken any rules making this request,



look back into the older forums, tutorials exist.

tutorial or no tutorial you need photoshop skills, one cannot simply
walk you through a process because there isn't one.

get a default texture, create a base template and go.


you need photoshop preferably and an idea of how the pen tool and vector masks work.

read up on those functions of photoshop, the rest will be easy.


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regularcat;3818372 said:
look back into the older forums, tutorials exist.

tutorial or no tutorial you need photoshop skills, one cannot simply
walk you through a process because there isn't one.

get a default texture, create a base template and go.

All due respect, I think we can do better than that.

You can do this with paintshop pro in lieu of photoshop. Purists will whine, but it does work just fine especially if you're just starting out or want to learn a little about how it is done.

There are several free trials of paintshop pro available here so you can diddle around and see if you like it. http://www.paintshoppro.com/en/free-trials/

If you use photoshop, Mogolos created an absolutely wonderful template years ago and I believe it is still up online here: http://greeksuperpatch.com/index.php/el/downloads/viewcategory/8-templates.html

I converted all his layers to work with paintshop pro but I don't have his permission to release that.

The general process isn't that difficult. Granted if you want it to look perfect in game, you will spend a lot of time working on one kit (unless you have the aformentioned skills mentioned by reg.)

The basic process is this:

1. Use a fill tool to color the various layers. I have mine broken down into separate layers for back of the shirt, front of the shirt, long sleeves, and short sleeves.

2. Add any designs by using a layer from the template that is already made or by drawing it yourself. Drawing the designs yourself is difficult (especially if it is a difficult design).

3. Add any logos as separate layers. There are tons of great resources for logos including wikipedia and vector football logos. http://www.vflnet.com/

4. save in png format and import using CM15.

There are obvious things that will be much more difficult to do. I don't recommend trying to make:

a Jorge Campos jersey or anything with gradients or terribly difficult patterns or designs. But, the basic kits aren't terribly tough and you will learn the skills as you go along.

Do me a favor. Pick a program you want to use. If you pick paintshop pro, shoot me a PM. Tell me which kit you'd like to make and provide a link. I'll let you know if it is a good one to start with and how to get started on it. I am in grad school and don't own the template from which I work. So I can't do the tutorial you asked for (even though we do need it), but I can get you started.


that is basic information he will pick up on within 5 minutes of using the tool.

most templates shared by members are PSD format for photoshop.

i can give him a base template but seams and stitching he will have to do himself.


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First and foremost, as regularcat said, get to know the tool you'll be using (should it be Photoshop or PSP: I started 10 years ago with PSP, then moved to Photoshop Elements, then Photoshop: all of them can be used to do kits).

Learn how layers work, the difference between "multiply" and "overlay" for example, where you should use one and why.
This sole choice could make a huge difference when you add patterns to your kits.

Then, learn paths. Seriously, LEARN PATHS. They're vital.

Once you're familiar with the basics of Photoshop, grab a template (maybe from EA themselves) and have a look at how a kit is composed: what goes where, how to do seams (there are some tutorials out there, also the ones for PES would do to some extent).

Learn how collars work, try and understand which parts of the kit get cut with, say, collar 8 but are shown with collar 1 (and why).
Take your time and create templates (maybe creating "dark" areas for the parts being hidden collar per collar, like I did in my kits, so you could just choose a collar and see exactly which parts get cut out) before doing kits, it would save you a lot of time.

And don't worry if the first kits are not that good, everyone has been through it at the beginning.
Just listen to the suggestions and you'll improve. :)


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What up dude! I too would like to know how to design boots and kits from scratch, but sense that is very hard to come across I have learned to work with the creations of others. I use Photoshop to "reverse design" (don't know if that term exist btw lol). I take original kits or kits from other users and with the endless Photoshop tools I recreate those kits into my own designs. I don't post any of my recreated kits because I am no sure if soccer gaming forum will allow it. So I only do this for my personal use, but if they do I will surely post some of my recreated work. If you can get yourself a copy of Photoshop that would be great because that software is amazing. I have been using it to design kits on and off for about 3 years now. I was really busy all last year so I didn't get to spent much time on that but now I am back and getting the hang of it once again. I had a whole collection of recreated kits in my PC but the stupid thing crashed a couple of weeks ago and I had to reformat and I lost all of them. My designs are no where near what other users here do but I certainly am satisfied with my work. So get yourself a copy of photoshop or even GIMP which is a free open source software has almost the same tools as Photoshop. Watch tutorial on you tube for Gimp and Photoshop and how to use the tools and you'll be on your way. I might decide to make a tutorial and how to recreate kits for all who want to know but no promises. If the moderators here allow, i will post a sample of a kit that I recently created from a fantasy kit I found online. Cheers!
cleverley11;3819637 said:
Thanks guys!