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Hey guys, we could REALLY use a video tutorial especially for the hex editing part as this is getting really confusing here. I am honestly lost in all the steps. Please make a video tutorial or at least a step-by-step tut along with screenshots for all the steps. Thanks, love what you're doing here!

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Simple way to add tattoos.
Cm12 beta 6 required

step1(for patch 1 and 2)-open cm12 and give skin id to players according to the list provided by 2-pi in patch folder.(in case if the player has generic face just export the head.rx3,hair .rx3,tex,eye and hair tex .rx3 then uncheck generic face and import the same exported files.in this way ur player will have specific face.).save fifa12 using cm12 and exit.

Step2-just copy the body folder with skin rx3 files to sceneassest folder...

Step3-regenarate the game using regenarator by outsider87.

For patch v3.

Step1-follow the step as mentioned above.

Step2-import generic players faces from patch folder

step3-now import skin textures from the patch folder according to the name and id given to the particular player.

Step4-save cm12 and exit

step5-copy the files of skin .rx3 files and paste into the same 'body' folder in /sceneassests/body folder

step6-regenarate fifa.

If follow the instructions given u wont even need hex editor and hence no error will be faced..

Los Blanco

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packs 1 and 2 works just fine exept all player with generic faces who got tatood have lost their genric text (luckly i handled it)
thx for instrucions i used DB Master 12


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hy,i have problems with pack 3!pack 1 and pack 2 works but pack 3 not realy..i tryed with lavezzi and work but with players like (j.boateng,amauri,aogo,di natale.. ) not!i imported skins textures at the pack..change with corespondent number skin in cm..put corespondent folders rx3 tatto in sceneassets body folder in fifa 12,save and exit.. regenerate with regenerator and (regenerator)crash my system!some help please!thanks..