Tutorial to make it tattoo


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Hey Guys!!
Please, I really want to add all this tattoos, but I can´t install it.

I have a patch, installed in my Fifa 12, and i don´t no, if its going to CRASH, if i ¨expand database¨, or using the GENERATOR...

Anybody, please, could do a STEP-BY-STEP tutorial( like i was a 7 years old kid), to add the tattoos???

THANK´S and cheers from BRAZIL!!!


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ok guys im having a problem ever since i installed the superpatch from zlatan i cant add any more tattoos any one can help me please???


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Anyone managed to hex a skin texture rx3 file to match a player's ID? Just asking cause it would make things simpler as in identifying tattoos for those who don't know player tattoos like the palm of their hands, not to mention the fact that it would increase the number of possible skin tones to assign (if one would go beyond the mad amount of 999 skin tones :P )


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How can i add more than 16 tattoos? I have expanded database but want to add more than standard 16 skins, please help


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Nice to see you back (been absent for a long time), nice updates (but Lampard, CR, Chamberlain, Mata and some others) need updates because look so-so.


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Hi guys, i'm having some problems inserting tattoos through CM12:

1. I opened CM12, found player, imported custom .PNG (tattoo picture) and saved regenerated.
RESULT: ingame arms and legs are black???

2. I followed the instructions and hex edited the value in the rx3 file, ex.
in CM12 the skin I used is 105, so i opened in sceneassets/body folder
skin_105_textures.rx3 and changed the value body_181478_cm.Raster to body_105_cm.Raster and saved
3. Regenerated.
RESULT: now ingame arms and legs are no longer black, now they're in blue and green squares???

Pls help, I'm stuck...


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2-pi;3177693 said:
FIFA 12 Player Tattoo Part-1
The link for this project:

FIFA 12 Player Tattoo Part-2
The link for this project:

We apologize for still not be able to continue to make a tattoo, because we do not have a lot of teams and time.
but we can only help by giving a tutorial how to make it..

Tutorial :

2. after your save with CM12, "why skin color changed to black in the game" because an error occurs when you do the save by CM12, you can see the error with Hex Editing.. example with skin_66_textures.rx3

3. but do not worry to cope with black skin in the game, because we have a solution,,then you have to do is replace it as an example that we made,for example we create skin_66_textures.rx3.
just follow the example we made, and you just replace it with the ID that you created.. skin_ID skintone_textures.rx3..

4. after your hex you must generate..
5. you can make it with DBmaster12 or CM12..
6. enjoy your game with tattoo your create it..

sory for my bad english.. :innocent_smile_1:

Can somebody please inform me how to HEX properly, i HEX the name in file and save it, regenerate, and the ingame instead of black arms & legs, i have blue/purple squares on arms & legs?!

I just hex the name, do i need to hex something else and what, i have no idea what am i doing wrong, please help!?