Twich's Stadiums


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Thanks very much for helping to get this finished! I'll be down in Ayr today watching the game - let's hope Ayr beat Hibs and have a chance of staying in Scottish Championship!

I also have a proto-type patch for Scottish football - I'd be happy to release it as it is just now if people desired?


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Great work as always,my friend! I hope you'll finish Stadio E.Scida one day and a good work for Spal stadium ;-)


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Hi my friends ! i want to ask something and if you know please answer me. i dont have the original version of fifa 16 but i want very match to play with all these stadiums.. i tryied to setup this following all these steps but in the end origin asks me regestretion key... i must buy the game to have the stadiums or i do something wrong ???/ thank you


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Hey, the link for the New Douglas Park of Hamilton is down!
Could somebody pls upload a new link for that stadium or send the files to me pls! Would be much appreciated!
Thank you!