Twich's Stadiums

Tony Spike

Youth Team
hillsborough looks triffic as usual but to be honest i would rather the scoreboard either played a video (whatever the camera sees)

or i would rather you took the club badges off the middle part

or hell you could make like the old one just for simplicitys sake if you wanted and i wouldnt care all that much,

either way i hate the version with the logos on it it looks plain wrong, because you cant have them change depending on the teams used in the game

but nice job man, and the rest of the stadium looks top notch

Tony Spike

Youth Team
twich;3911507 said:

eeerm ......yes ...........i tend to know that their is ........since im ....ya know ......their most home games ...........and given that i used to WORK their and everything :facepalm:

im giving you an opinion/suggestion on what i think would work better since you cannot have the logos change for every team in the game, .........i didnt say it was wrong

in fact i actually said it was nice

but im sure the scoreboard at the emirates thats in game isnt THAT accurate, so my point is it dosnt need to be 100% accurate just as long as it looks good

and the simple fact is that i feel you could take the logos off and it would still look good