UCL: Manchester United FC - Arsenal FC [P+R]


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Tevez is so much better than Berbs. He works so much harder and creates more chances.

United should sell Berbs this summer and pay whatever they have to in order to keep Tevez.

Anderson is looking fantastic as well, he should be starting more games.


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There needs to be a lot more support for Adebayor. We're very slow at putting a counter attack together because we're worried about defending.

Let's come out, stroke the ball around, get behind the defenders and Adebayor needs to be in middle and get on the end of some of those. Otherwise we're digging our own whole here and no matter how good we are at home it probably won't be enough.



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i hve a strange feeling, we really blew it sumhow
should have scored 2
should have
but for almunia..gr8 saves
and ronnies thudnerbolt hittin the woodwork :(


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WIth Tevez on united were mazing on offense Berba**** came out united went downhill lol

regardless complete domination and unlucky not to win 5/6-0


Fantastic result. Though could have scored more and might have put the match out of arsenals reach.

went on the attack mode on the word go almunia made some crucial saves..
the back 4 were fantastic as ever , hope rio is alright.

Fletcher, Carrick and Anderson just owned that midfield.

Rooney and Ronaldo awsome .

My man of the match had to be fletcher , fantastic performance by the most
under-rated of players.

Advantage United , although a slight one at that.:browsmiley:


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I didn't think Ronaldo did much today. He had that one real thumper but other than that, he spent a lot of time on the ground with his hands up.

If I were running United, today's starting 11 would be my every day lineup.


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Almunia was the man of the match, no one else should even be suggested. It was United vs Manuel Almunia, not Arsenal.

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Fabregas waited for too long before shooting, around 25 minutes into the 1st half. He was looking for the perfect shot and it never came....he could only come up with a soft one and that was that for him.......for the rest of the game! He was really quite dozy out there.

United were a bit slower in the 2nd half but Arsenal, as a team, was still unable to come close. They are so much more dangerous with Arshavin......what a shame.


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Cesc has never been the best shooter in the world. We really missed Arshavin and van Persie for this one.

I think Tottenham pay Bendtner to be **** as a laugh or something because he's a nightmare.


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Well I should be thankful it was only 1-0 considering how poor we were, but I'm really not optimistic about the second leg. I just can't see Utd not scoring and its hard to see us getting 3. Wenger needs to get the players extra pumped for this because if its not one of our best performances of the season we won't go through.
It would also help immensely if Ferdinand is out because its hard to see us scoring at all against Ferdinand and Vidic, they're absolute monsters, as opposed to Toure and Silvestre:clapwap:


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Its a shame that Ashavin can't play, he is a game changer and would really add to your attack. On the plus side, you will be able to count on him next season.


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Kolo isn't bad but Silvestre is just awful, he's actually a severe downgrade from Cygan who could at least complete a pass.

Diaby didn't impress me at all, Adebayor looked lost when he was up on that island all by himself.

I'd have brought on Eduardo earlier to try and change the tempo some. Adebayor wasn't going to out muscle those two big men at the back, they also had Carrick dropping back in support which made it even tougher.

We lack grit. Fabregas brings a lot but no other player showed a willingness to really get stuck in. That's where we miss Vieira still, and even a Ray Parlour type figure. In the summer I'd like to see us bring in Lorik Cana.

1-0 does allow us a bit of hope and that's all down to Almunia.


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Bobby;2658793 said:
Cygan who could at least complete a pass.

I heard Cygan was tearing it up in la Liga (H)!!!!!! the last I heard of him. lol

Guys to be honest you guys can't seriously be that tough on Berbatov. Especially when the end of 08 start of 09 hasn't been all too great for him. I really think by the start of next season he'll be use to the tactics Man UTD play. But I'll agree on Tevez starting over Berbatov anyday.

For some reason I would love for Arsenal to grab Senna from Villarreal. I think he'll tear it up with Fabregas in the midfield.