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uomomagnetico;3772218 said:
Viking FK Stavanger

Happy new Year to all ...we'll see in the 2k15!!

Damn, didn't see this one until now. Amazing! Made career mode a lot more fun to play :D


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Hello, everyone! I guess it's not the right thread, but I just don't know where else to ask.
I need some help with the nets of FIFA 14. In game they look too dark and almost like transparent. How can I make them lighter without crashing the game. I extract the .png from .rx3 and make it ligher using the levels adjustment layer in Photoshop, then put it back in the rx3 and when I start the game it crashes just before the arena shows (or right after it, don't remember exactly). When I turn back to the original net file the game goes without problems. How can a change of the lightness of png in rx3 to affect the game like this? I don't understand.