Using Twitter advanced search for FIFA faces


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There is so much modders and faces posted on Twitter, I don't know why, but rarely you can find a directory with download links and everything seems much more messy, with single posts for every face.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be negative, I respect all the facemakers they're doing work which EA should have, and I'm more then thankful for it, especially how most of them do not ask for anything in return.

Anyway using advanced Twitter search there is a way to make it much simpler.

- How to use -

Use the links below and insert at the beginning of a search field player name and press Enter.

Link 1
Link 2


Search tends to not work properly if too many accounts are included, so there will be multiple links. Make sure to search with each of them to find the right mods.

- Optional -
You can also add this to show only posts with links:

-Included Facemakers-
List in alphabetical order:

- Added link instead of code.
- Added more modders:
  • iyaszaen21
  • Bayonetta_99
  • FacemakerJen
  • TomEllipsis
- Added Twitter links.
- Added more modders:
  • UFMcallumd
  • AL7Mods
  • FacesSeb12
  • KepaRik_
- Added more modders:
  • edutjie
  • Fernand00411928
  • Samreddevil2
  • yasigneer

This is the most basic usage, if you like you can go even more advance and use more filters on this page:

I'm sure there is more accounts that need to be included, this is the ones I've been using and I'll update with more over time. You can also post below and I'll make changes. Hopefully this helps out the users and the creators.
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It seems it doesn't work 100%, for example sometimes it won't find a post for some words, but it will find that same post if you use a different word from it. I'm not sure is that Twitter's fault or I'm doing something wrong.